Style Swap: Your new way to stay on trend and earn money at the same time

Ever found yourself with nothing to wear for a birthday, corporate event or date and thought “if only I could raid Gigi Hadid’s wardrobe”? But instead go out and hastily purchase a gorgeous designer dress with a hefty price tag and now it sits in your wardrobe collecting dust? Stop right there sister! The Volte is your answer!

As your parents would have instilled in you from a young age the idea that “sharing is caring”, that what the #voltesquad is all about. Think of us as the Airbnb of fashion – endless high-end fashion to be borrowed and lended on any budget. You’ll never have to feel guilty about looking good again!

Here are some other reasons why rental fashion and becoming apart of the #voltesquad is the best thing since sliced bread:

  •  It is FREE to sign up and become a lender or borrower. A free service is a rare find these days therefore must be too good to pass up! What have you got to lose?
  • It is the most SECURE way of renting out your clothes. We verify all borrowers and lenders and listing a bond amount means your beloved garment is insured. If your   borrowing a dress, the service is completely cashless and you know your lender is a legitimate person.
  • It is HASSEL FREE for all parties with our affordable door-to-door courier service or Auspost options. Fast fashion has never been easier!
  • Not only does it SAVE you money but if you become a lender you also EARN money. There is no limit on what you can profit from renting out a garment and you may see yourself earning back much more over what you originally paid at retail prices.
  • Gives you ACCESS to designer fashion only A-listers and celebrities usually have the opportunity to wear. You could be finding yourself saying “No, I’m not Kendal Jenner” to paparazzi all night!
  • Instead of selling, renting means you don’t to have to part ways with your FAVOURITE dress and have the option to wear it again if you would like to! 

Join other boss babes becoming at-home entrepreneurs and style icons by just sign up on the Volte today.

Here is the key to your fashionable future, now go OPEN the Volte and discover the style revolution.

Visit our FAQ page to answer any sign-up queries.


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