5 minutes with Jarred Briotti – For Him Australia

With the exciting addition of menswear to our already long list of incredible designer fashion items available to rent on thevolte.com, we thought it was only fitting to interview one of the most stylish and fashionable men in the country – Jarred Briotti. You only have to look at Jarred’s Instagram account ‘For Him Australia’ to experience some of the many ways that men can style themselves for 2017.

So have a read about Jarred and his latest fashion tips in styling menswear, check out the Instagram for inspiration and wait no longer as it is all available right here on thevolte.com.

V: Tell us about yourself and your fashion journey. 

J: I have always enjoyed fashion and using it as a form of expressing who you are. I have been in the Fashion Industry since 2012 in which I co-founded a National Designer Rental Business. It started off as solely a women’s boutique in which we had stores in Perth, Melbourne & Adelaide. We also had our own in house label, I assisted with the production of the garments from purchasing the fabric, manufacturing, photo shoots and finally the national roll out of the garments. While implementing the national roll out of the business we decided to test the waters in Melbourne with menswear and we had huge success.

V: Why did you start up For Him Australia? 

J: Funnily enough I was a groomsmen at my brother’s wedding, he had chosen a long standing franchise men’s suit hire company to supply the suits. I was quite disappointed with the service I received when trying on the suit as there was no “styling” at the appointment, essentially I was thrown into a change room and if something didn’t fit I was just given a different size, there was no service. Following on from that experience, on the day of the wedding I was disappointed with the lack of quality of the garments, you could see that it was worn out and unloved. I started to think that this is an opportunity to give the service we were already giving to girls in designer dress rentals to guys, as they also deserve a quality experience over a transactional experience.

V: What are some of your favourite trends and looks in menswear fashion this season?

J: Last season being spring carnival and summer we saw a lot of bright coloured jackets being mixed with chinos/dark trousers. Now we are heading into winter I like the classic Navy looks however, a look I am seeing pop up a lot are light grey suits – pair this with a navy/red tie and a pocket square and this is a clean fashion forward look (as seen above).

V: For those who may not know, how do you wear and style bright colours or patterns in menswear? 

J: Keep it simple, if your suit is checked then keep the tie & pocket square a neutral colour. Though, if you have neutral suit being one colour such as navy, add some flare by pining a flower lapel to it along with a patterned pocket square and a tie/bowtie with a colour that can be seen on your pocket square, this will bring the whole look together.

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