Try ‘Trying it on’

So it turns out renting a dress is an emotional decision. We’re not saying it’s life or death but when it’s for a big event no one wants a wardrobe malfunction. The Volte squad encourages lenders to offer borrowers a try on service. Statistically this is shown not only to increase sales short term but also long term as it delivers a more authentic shopping experience online. Awesome right?

Sometimes you need more than the online Clueless experience to decide.

Follow these easy steps to start offering your borrowers a try on service today. Plus you charge for a try on service so it’s an extra sale!

1.  List a Try On Price

I know, I know – duh! But sometimes when you’re new to a site you miss these details. Just pop in a try on price so borrowers know what you charge. Remember if you use Australia Post or Sendle shipping is charged on top of this. We recommend a fee of $10 – $20 for a try on service. Remember offering a try on service will drive sales.

2.  Chat to the Borrower

Most of our borrowers tend to message before ordering of requesting a try on. Always ask the borrower when their event is to ensure the garment is not only available for a try on but also for their particular event.

3. Only offer try on services mid-week

To avoid being hoodwinked we recommend lenders only offer try-on services mid week to avoid any borrowers hitting the town in the garment when they haven’t paid the full price.

4. Send by express post or offer pick-up or drop-of services

Express Parcels are the most efficient way to arrange a garment to be sent and delivered in a short amount of time. If the borrower is in the same city as you, you could also offer a pick-up or drop-off service. If the borrower has a dress emergency you could also offer Zoom2U – our rush courier partner who can deliver anyway in record time. This service costs a bit extra so always ensure the borrower is aware of this and happy to pay extra – simply increase the try-on price to account for this shipping if this is chosen.

5.  Throw in an extra dress

Why not throw in a similar style and size dress. This way you are more likely to drive sales and may also end up with the borrower renting two items from you. One for the event coming up and another time in the future.

6. You can always tag your dresses

Some of our corporate lenders put tags on their garments. If the tag is removed the borrower must pay the rental fee. You can buy tagging guns from any number of retailers and tag can be ordered through The Volte.

7.  Always put try-on service orders through The Volte

It is super IMPORTANT that you always put try-on services through The Volte platform. This applies even if it is a small fee ($5) as otherwise we have no way of verifying the borrower or storing their credit card details in the event the dress is not returned or damaged.

So take a leap and offer the try on service today…

Offering borrowers try on services allows you to create a more authentic online shopping experience and increases the likelihood of more sales. The big players like Glam Corner and Rent the Runway offer similar services and statistically it’s shown not only to increase sales short term but increase customer loyalty long term. All these services and interactions with borrowers help you build relationships with your customer base. If you have any questions please reach out to our friendly Customer Service team at


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