V Day Date Night

The Volte’s easy guide to nailing date night fashion on the most romantic evening of the year.

Valentine’s Day is almost here ladies. That means us girls are not only thinking about what our lover has planned, we also need to make sure we’re looking our best for the occasion. Don’t become a victim of last minute fashion stress, let us narrow it down for you! We love helping a sister out so have chosen some relevant pieces to guide you to your perfect V Day outfit. Don’t leave it to the day before to deal with shopping centre folk and fork out your hard earned money on an over priced piece that you aren’t even sure you love. Lock in your hire now so all you need to worry about is how much you are going to get spoilt when February 14th rolls around.

You’re Welcome xx.

The Relaxed Picnic 
Sometimes spending time together in a natural setting carries far more weight than any expensive gift or over priced meal. If your special someone has gone ahead and organised a picnic at your fave spot or perhaps fish & chips on the beach don’t let that hold you back from looking your best. We have picked our best flirty day time styles that suit this situation perfectly.

The Fun Date
 Your other half is a good time and young at heart so you know whatever he/she has planned likely has a little action twist to it. Whether that be ice skating or bike rides to your your favourite hang out spot, best to make sure your outfit doesn’t hold you back. We think the sweet summer playsuit has you covered.

The Glamorous Candlelit Dinner
So your partner-in-crime likes the nice things in life or likes to spoil you with them perhaps… no complaints here, you deserve it girl! You’re booked into that exclusive restaurant and want to look the part. We hear ya! Here are The Volte’s must have cocktail dresses for that expensive dinner date.

Galentines Night Out
Perhaps all this Val Day carry on has you feeling a little over your single status? Stop right there thank you very much (as sung so wisely by those brilliant Brits). Whether you have just come out of a relationship and are feeling a little down or are expecting this year to be another Valentines Day spent at home on the couch eating ice cream watching Friends; there is still to make this year a positive experience. Why not get your other single gal pals together and hit that great new wine bar everyone has been talking about where all the cute single guys hang out? Wear one of these little sexy evening numbers to feel extra good about yourself.

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