The Perfect Date Outfit

As an avid enthusiast of tinder and Bumble, I’ve been out on many first dates. Many second dates, third dates and so on.  Gone are the days when you’d meet someone out at a bar.  Now meeting someone involves a large amount of swiping to find the right one.  Of course, along the way you have to go through plenty of wrong ones to get there. 

Dating in the digital age is hard.  And varied.  Repeated dates require different outfits.  Different types of people demand different looks. Careful thought goes into what one might wear to make the right first impression.  And of course, different dates require different choices.  A casual bar date differs from a gentle afternoon picnic, as does something fun & quirky like mini golf compared to active dates like sandboarding in Lancelin dunes!

All these factors to consider when planning a date.  We all have trusty outfits that we know that work ( for me it’s a leopard print Misha Collection dress that is feminine and shows a little cleavage)

Here we take a look at some outfit recommendations for a variety of different dates and different moods.

The Demure Daytime Date

If sweet and feminine is your vibe, a ladylike floral dress is perfect for all daytime dates, be it at a picnic or casual meetup at a pub.  Something that screams relaxed and fun, florals are key.  Zimmerman and Steele are big winners in this category. Minis, midis or maxis are entirely appropriate.  This style works well with the more conservative and traditional person. Here are a selection of looks available to hire at The Volte.

Zimmermann Melody Dress
Zimmermann Tropicale Jumpsuit
Zimmermann Radiate Smocked mini

The Effortlessly Cool Date

Creating an ubercool mystique is tough, especially if you want to appear effortless. Generally I would attempt this style after a few dates as it is slightly more relaxed.  Someone more creative and less conservative might appreciate the look. My way of achieving this style in a super easy way?  A graphic logo tee and skinny leg jeans. Paired with some cool accessories and heels or trainers, this look screams effortless cool.  Add a leather jacket, outfit completed.  One could always insert some animal print in there to mix things up for a bit more of an edgy rock’n’roll look.  Take a look at some of our suggestions to pull off this look, all available at The Volte.

Gucci Mystic Cat T-shirt
Saint Laurent T-shirt

The Bold Impression Date

Generally not a first date vibe, although I wore a multi-coloured sequin tassel coat with a special Melbourne man and he loved it (so did people on the street who kept asking to take photos), but some sequins never fail to disappoint.  Be it a sequin coat, top or dress, this look is bold.  A cute sequin dress is totally appropriate for a date at an edgy new restaurant in the city’s hotspots, paired with a cute leather jacket or a more dressed down version of this look, a sequin jacket or top, paired with a pair of jeans is perfect for a more casual evening at a cosy bar. 
 Here is a selection of looks to hire from The Volte.

Rixo Gigi Dress
Retrofete Gabrielle Robe
Bronx & Banco Galaxy Dress
Sass & Bide Opening Act Dress
Gucci Sequin Bomber
Empire Rose Parisienne Bomber

The I’m Comfortable Date

Once you’ve gotten over the initial first few dates where you are obsessed with looking perfect, you slide in to the “I’m comfortable” zone where you are more relaxed about what you wear and don’t really care what people think.  For me, this was a pair of oversized vintage dungarees, but I think I was more of a “I don’t care what you think, this is me, I own it” kind of vibe.  Perhaps a bit too far I think in hindsight, but I’ve learnt my lesson.  In future, when I’m at this stage, I think a nice relaxed skirt is perfect.  Still feminine and sexy but totally cool and relaxed.  Bias cut silk skirts are so in right now, something like that would be perfect. Maxi skirts are great or even a mini would be perfect.  It doesn’t matter what length, paired with a cute tee or cami (something we all own) this is perfect for the “I’m comfortable” stage.  What’s even better with this look is that it can be dressed down with flats or sandals for a casual or daytime date or dressed up with a nice pair of heels.  Here are some of my favourite skirts available from the Volte now.

Zimmermann Veneto Skirt
Isabel Marant Silk Pleated Maxi skirt
Aje Shrimpton Mini Skirt
Alice McCall Mini Skirt

The Seduction Date

We all have those dates where we want to be the ultimate temptress, where we want our partner to fall under our spell and passionately kiss us with animal magnetism taking over.  This may occur at any stage during the dating phase, some people do it on the first date, some further down the track.  But we all know that feeling of wanting to appear completely desirable.  For me, this has always been achieved in low cut dresses because the way I see it, it distracts away from everything else.  Luckily, this is not the only way to achieve the seductive look.  Tight dresses, always a winner.  But fortunately, this season’s biggest trend, the slip dress, screams seduction.  Back on trend in a big way, bias cut silky dresses fall off the body, but one almost appears naked.  Rat & Boa dresses are great at this.  Shop these seductive looks at the Volte.

Misha Collection Savannah Dress
Bec & Bridge Tropicana Midi dress
Rat & Boa Kiki Dress
Bec & Bridge Feline dress

The Date Where Mindless Conversation Won’t Cut It

So, you find someone, they seem great, different to other people, not swayed by the usual pretty looks, attitude or shallow introductory conversations you have with dates.  Then suddenly, you have the realization that they’re an intellectual!  Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of people can fall in to this category, not just academics. And perhaps all relationships can evolve to this point where those first impressions don’t count so much and serious conversation seems more important. 

So what do you wear in these situations?  The usual pretty, cool or sexy won’t cut it, especially when you want to be taken seriously and judged by what you are saying, rather than what you look like.  Sure, something basic like a classic shirt dress is not too attention seeking but I think you can establish your seriousness with something more edgy.  Think beautiful blazers, teamed with jeans and ballerina flats. Or even a cute matching set. Cute and respectable.  Choosing a bold colour will add a contemporary feel to your outfit.  An alternative that is more feminine is an architectural dress.  Think volume, interesting design lines. Think Maticevski, Camilla & Marc and even some Dion Lee pieces.  Interesting enough whilst being feminine.  Have a look at what we have at The Volte.

Jacquemus Raffaella jacket dress
Sass & Bide Jacket
Acler Golding Skirt & Priestly Jacket
Camilla and Mark Gesa Dress
Maticevski Formulate dress

The I’m Trying To Show My Edge Date

Different to the effortlessly cool date because that look can cater to everyone.  For me, it  has worked on creatives, suits and tradies alike.  But this kind of date is different.  They are the cool one.  Almost too cool.  How can you tell if this is your guy? A beard is a dead giveaway.  And glasses.  Maybe some ironic tattoos too.  Definitely not sleeves but well thought pieces scattered across the body.  Not essential though.  What is essential is the attitude.  He knows the latest small bars that are in, he knows the best restaurants you’ve never heard of and all the latest obscure music.  All the kind of places he might take you.

A hipster you say? Not necessarily. But they do dominate this category.  How do you compete with this guy that oozes innate coolness out of his pores? You could do a cool t-shirt and jeans as per the effortlessly cool date.  But my suggestion is a vintage inspired outfit.  I have many a vintage or unique piece that I call upon for these kinds of dates but the great thing is, many current brands are doing vintage inspired pieces. These dresses may have a vintage cut, think a mini with balloon sleeves or ruffles or billowy maxi dresses, or vintage style prints such as paisley, florals or even a bit of leopard. Pair with a cool jacket, think leather or faux fur, chunky boots to toughen the look and bam, you have a look that screams edgy.  Here are some suggestions from The Volte, ready to hire now.

Zimmerman Ninety-Six Shirt Dress
Zimmermann Ninety-Six Shirt Dress in Pansy
Bec & Bridge Kitty Kat Dress
Unreal Fur Fur Jacket in Plum



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