Why Everyone Needs A Hobby.

Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Go to bed. Repeat.

Sound familiar?

If all of your days blend into one big clump of depression, then you need to get yourself a hobby. Something that brings you joy, something that gets you out of your comfort zone, meet new people, something that is different from your main source of income.

A hobby breaks up your life from the regular work and home tasks, it provides variety, possibly gives you a sense of purpose and makes you feel good inside. It can be as simple as taking exercise classes or as involved as volunteering.

And watching Netflix is not a hobby. I don’t care how much you love Riverdale, if that is all you do on your days off, then you need to get a hobby.

Saying, or writing, ‘get a hobby’ makes me sound so old, but I promise it will bring you more joy and sense of accomplishment than finishing all 10 seasons of FRIENDS again, I promise!

Where do you find one of these so called hobbies? How do you go about getting one?

Well what do you enjoy doing? Is there something that you have always wanted to try but been too afraid to begin. Today is your lucky day!

The easiest one to do is join an exercise class. Dance based activities like Zumba, running clubs, or boxing classes are just a few examples. They are not only ways to distract your mind and meet new people, but it also releasing endorphins to boost your mood and keeps you fit, it is a win all round. What ever sport you want to try there are classes and social competitions for you to join.

Learning a new skill is also a great hobby. Last year my friend and I joined a beginners tennis class for 10 weeks where we learnt the basics of the sport and now we can play games when we meet up. If you want to stay away from sport, you can go to cooking classes, learn a new language, or be your own grandma and learn how to sew.

Need help finding a hobby, maybe something from this list may help you decide.

The first time you attend may be scary but like any new experience the more you attend, the easier it will get.

Let us know about your new hobby!


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