Lazy Or Exhausted?

How often have your friends or family members told you that you look tired?

Building your brand and excelling in your career takes a lot of mental and physical strain on your body. You work so hard all the time to meet deadlines that at the end of the day, the few hours of sleep you do get feels like a nap that barely satisfies.

Then there are the other weeks when life isn’t as hectic, I somehow feel just as tired, and this is when I wonder, am I actually tired or am I just being lazy?

When I am not running around like a crazy person, it seems my productivity goes down hill. There is so much time to do all my tasks that I leave them all to the last minute, just because I can.

I recently have taken on a few extra commitments and pushed myself too far to the point of exhaustion. I was trying to live by one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s motos “you can live off 6 hours of sleep so what are you doing with your 18 hours?” and live a so called ‘hustle life’. I applaud those who can live like this. With the amount of stress that I was putting on myself, accompanied by the lack of sleep and low quality of food, I cracked and had a full on meltdown.

How do you know when you have pushed your body too far? For me it is when my friends tell me that I look exhausted as I attempt not to fall asleep at the table on ladies night. Another indication for me was the ever darkening under eye circles, and the fact that I could not recover from the flu that I was attempting to push through with.

At that point, I assessed my life. What is it that is making life stressful and is it worth pursuing? In my recent incident, I made a choice to remove some unwanted stress from my life. After 2 full days of sleep and recovery, I felt somewhat back to normal and was able to complete the tasks I wanted to, to my best capabilities.

There becomes a time when health and wellbeing becomes more important than the desire to build your career or business. Your body allows you to do all the incredible things that you want to achieve, but it can only do that with proper care, nutritious food, plenty of water and a decent amount of sleep.

When do you know when your mind and body has hit breaking point?


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