Lender In The Spotlight


Meet Suzana! She is a lover of high fashion, a keen baker & the owner of a gorgeous 7 month old Cavoodle puppy called Charlie. Her friends call her Suz and she is a lover of animals donating to animal shelters whenever she can. She is a valued member of The Volte community so we took 5 with her to chat what it’s like lending with The Volte. Read on for the scoop…

Where are you Based?
Melbourne Victoria 

What made you become a lender on The Volte? 
My friends compliment me quite often on my outfit choices. Whenever there is a special occasion I was the one family and friends would be coming to to borrow clothes from! It was my mum who said to me why don’t you hire out your dresses? This got me thinking, and with a little research I stumbled upon The Volte website.

How long have you been a Volte lender? 
Almost 6 months now and loving it!

What style of fashion do you like to list on the platform? 
I wouldn’t say I have one style. I like to pick out items that are comfortable but look great on.

Thurley English Rose Dress
4-Day Hire: $85
RRP: $600

What is your favourite personal go to brand? 
So hard to choose between these two but I love Zimmermann and Thurley equally, as their sizes are consistent and the fit of their items suit many shapes. 

Thurley Faberge Mini Dress
4-Day Hire: $150
RRP: $1199

What are your most popular current pieces that hire often? Zimmermann Heathers Flounce Short Dress is my most popular. Click the pic below to request hire.

Zimmermann Heathers Flounce Dress
4-Day Hire: $119
RRP: $795

What is your take on hiring fashion to reduce the war on waste? 
If you follow Fashion Revolution on Instagram you will know, their posts show how bad fast fashion is on the environment. Textiles account for 34.8% of global microplastic pollution. By renting out your clothes instead of throwing them away or buying more, you are assisting with lowering waste.

What are your top 3 best things about lending with The Volte?
1)The support team help lenders and borrowers equally and are very helpful.
2) I have not had an item that has come back in a bad condition.
3) There are sold out items on The Volte which make it easier to get your hands on limited edition items.

Advice for borrowers who are considering becoming a lender? 
Do it! It is much easier than you think. You have nothing to lose as all your items have an option where you can choose to be covered under insurance for an extra $5, if this is what is holding you back. 

Anything else you would like to add for our readers?
The Volte is easy to use and you can also make some friends along the way. I have met some awesome borrowers with the same taste in clothes as me :).

Fancy becoming a featured lender or borrower with The Volte blog? Make sure you tag us on Instagram with a public profile when uploading a photo of your Volte outfit & we will be in touch xx.

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