Clear The Closet Clutter

Fall In Love With Your Closet Staples & Hire The Rest…

Most of us women are alike. We have a closet full of clothes of which we only wear 10% of, yet we are too nostalgic to do a big cull more than once a year, if we are lucky. Even then our closet still hides dresses that haven’t fit us in years secretly kept in the depths of the rack. Thanks to the recent global Marie Kondo craze, many of us are learning how to live a more de-cluttered life and for most that starts with a wardrobe clean out.

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo you only need to do a quick google search or have a look at what is trending on Netflix to get up to speed. She is a Japanese tidying expert who’s services are in very high demand with a waiting list a mile long. Her radical, two stepped approach to tidying out the closet goes a little like this. Firstly, after piling all your items in one bundle then put your hands on the clothing that you own simply ask yourself if it sparks a feeling of joy when you hold it. If it doesn’t, thank it for its service and send it on its way. Second, once only your most joy-giving clothes and accessories remain, put every item in a visible place. Somewhere accessible and easy to grab when you need it. Only then, Kondo tells us, will you have reached housekeeping paradise with your closet.

Some key lessons she swears by are the following:

Tackle Categories Not Rooms

Respect Your Belongings

Nostalgia Is Not Your Friend

Getting Rid Of The Excess Feels Good

Fold, Don’t Hang

Learn How To Fold

Fall In Love With Your Closet

Rediscover Your Style

In an age of quick to market fashion where trends come and go so fast, it is a constant battle for most of us to stay on top of a neat and tidy wardrobe space. By the time we purchase a dress and wear it, it’s already on its way out of fashion. If we post a photo of ourselves in that dress on social media, then that gives the piece even less chance of a re-wear and as a result the closet space begins to clog up once again. So how do we conquer this? The answer is by keeping your closet filled with mainly classic staples that you wear often and renting fashion trends that come and go. The Volte allows users to rent key high-fashion pieces at a fraction of the cost, not only saving them money but also keeping their closet de-cluttered and current. So now is the time to schedule in your closet clean out, fall in love with your wardrobe once again and have some fun discovering your style by hiring fun fashion pieces without the commitment of purchasing!

P.s. If reading this inspires you to tackle your clothes rack, don’t forget you can also sell and earn some extra cash from those beautiful, yet under-appreciated designer pieces you have lying around by listing them for sale on the platform.

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