Borrower In The Spotlight


Meet Karina! She’s a gorgeous 28 years old law student who loves cooking and spending time in the water outdoors. She recently discovered her love for stand up paddle boarding so it’s clear this gal has the brains, the looks and the outdoor skills to make us all envious! We took 5 with her after her recent first hire through The Volte to discuss her borrowing experience. Read on for the scoop…

Where are you Based?
Adelaide, SA

What made you become a borrower on The Volte? 
I was looking for a specific Zimmermann dress for my friend’s engagement party and found I could access it through The Volte. After discovering how easy it was to chat to the owner of the outfit, the whole process just really appealed to me so I signed up!

How long have you been a Volte borrower? 
This was only my first hire as I am a new user, but I absolutely loved it and will definitely be using the Volte in the future.

What style of fashion do you like to browse / hire via the platform? 
I prefer the classic look, I try to follow trends but I purchase or borrow clothes & accessories that suit me and that are timeless.

What is your favourite personal go to brand? 
When in doubt I always turn to Zimmermann or Kookaï.

Karina’s first hire was The Zimmermann Heathers Flounce Mini. Click to hire!

What are the pieces that you currently have your eye on? 
Don’t really have my eye on anything at the moment. I’m a last minute person where I do my research of what id like to wear a week or 2 before an event.

What is your take on hiring fashion to reduce the war on waste? 
I absolutely support the hiring fashion economy! I remember before it became popular, I had so many Sass & Bide or any other stately designer pieces  just hanging in my closet. I had to sell them for a very reduced price, because I could not wear them again. It’s great business being a part of The Volte!

Pineapple on Pizza?
Yes! Pineapple on BBQ pizza absolutely rocks my world!

What are your top 3 best things about borrowing with The Volte?
1. The experience I had was so effortless and easy.
2. The lender I borrowed the dress from responded to all of my enquiries in regards to sizing or availability so promptly that I didn’t want to use any other platform.
3. The Volte has a huge range of all sorts of styles to chose from so there is something for everyone!

Advice for new members who are considering booking their first hire? 
If you are a new borrower, don’t be afraid to message the lender directly with your questions to make sure that your experience is superb and you have all the details that you need before ordering. It’s a 2 way street of course!

Anything else?
Love this site!! I will definitely be back again.

Fancy becoming a featured lender or borrower with The Volte blog? Make sure you tag us on Instagram with a public profile when uploading a photo of your Volte outfit & we will be in touch xx.

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