Q: How do I list an item with flexible sizing?

A: If an item you are listing for hire has flexible sizing – say it has a lot of stretch or is a loose fit – the best way to maximise exposure is by creating a separate listing for each different size the garment will fit.

So say you have a Camilla Kaftan that’s practically one-size fits all, but want borrowers to be able to find it when they filter by their size – you create an identical listing for sizes 6,8,10,12, etc.

Does this take a little more time? Yep! Will this increase the chances of your item being hired by 300%? ALSO YES.

But wait – there’s one more thing. It is VITAL that you write in the size notes the actual item size as stipulated on the label e.g. Zimmermann 3 to prevent borrower confusion. Without this, a borrower may feel that a listing was not accurate.

So there you have it! A simple way to increase your earning potential and maximise your garment exposure for those listings that have flexible sizing.

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