Who you going call? Volte Customer Service superheroes.

At The Volte we always are trying to ensure that none of our Volte Cult members ever face a dress emergency.

There is no dress emergency too big for The Volte Squad

However, sometimes things are beyond our control – shipping sometimes takes longer than expected, dresses get damaged or a dress doesn’t fit. However, never fear – our 7 day a week customer service team is here to help.

If you ever face a problem please shoot our wonderful team an email and we will jump straight on it. There is no fashion emergency too small. We are very serious when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions.

There is no wardrobe malfunction The Volte can’t handle

So if you’re worried that your dress won’t be delivered on time or isn’t what you had hoped please give us a call. We have lenders all over Australia from Broome to Tasmania, from Cairns to Adelaide so we will be able to get you a dress a superhuman speed.

The Volte is more than a marketplace. We want all our users in our wonderful community to have a great experience every time and we are dedicated to achieving this high standard.

The Volte Squad x

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