Your Ultimate Race Guide

The race season is now in full swing, and with Melbourne Cup just around the corner, many of us are getting prepped for the big day of celebrations. Even if we don’t follow racing and have no idea how to place a bet, we love the opportunity to get all glammed up, spend the day with our friends and look our best, hello new profile pic!

We have seen the state that some race goers are in by the end of the long day of drinking and socialising so we thought that we would help our lovely readers with some of our best preparation tips for a great day at the races.


Fashion is all about expressing who you are, so style yourself to confidence in a rocking cocktail dress or ensemble, and accessorize with a headpiece. It is the races after all! Haven’t got this sorted? Well lucky that we have everything you may ever need, including handbags and fascinators to rent right here.

Those stiletto heels may look rockin’… but sinking in the grass and stumbling after a few too many may not be your ideal look, so if in doubt, chunky heels are the best! But if you are committed to the highest of heels, you go girl!


A beautiful outfit demands beautiful hair and makeup. Make sure all your hard work is going to last the day with a primer under your long-lasting foundation, and set with a powder to lock it all down. Second day hair always holds it shape better, and with an extra spruce of dry shampoo you’ve got yourself one voluminous hairstyle.


Your Handbag Essentials:

– Fully Charged Phone

– Ticket to your event for the day

– Cash and Card (For emergencies right?!)

– Lipstick and Face Powder for touch ups during the day.

– Hair tie and bobby pins

If you love taking lots of pics and sharing your day on the social meds, then a portable charger is a must! You won’t have to worry about your phone dying and you will be able to order an Uber at the end of the day.


Remember to eat (and not just the delicious strawberries in your champagne) and stay hydrated with refreshing H2O. Your body will thank you the next day!

Which ever event you attend for Melbourne Cup and throughout the racing season, stay safe and we hope you have a fabulous day!

The Volte Squad x

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