Meet Bonnie!
Bonnie is a Public Relations account director for a Melbourne based creative communications agency. This lovely lady is 27 years old, Originally from country Victoria and is now living in St Kilda with her partner!. Her hobbies include F45, booking holidays, cheese & wine, and coming up with excuses to host a party or event!
More events mean more reasons to get glammed up!

What made you become a borrower on The Volte?
I was looking for a specific Retrofete dress to wear to my birthday dinner and The Volte was the only platform that it was available on for the date I needed it.

How long have you been a Volte borrower?
Since November 2018. I first used The Volte to hire a yellow YSL clutch for Kennedy Oaks Day during Melbourne spring racing carnival- although you may choose to invest in a versatile YSL clutch such as black, nude or grey, I recommend hiring the niche party colours as you’re unlikely to get as much use out of them.

What style of fashion do you like to browse/ hire via the platform?
I love to wear designer pieces to events and will usually look to hire rather than buy. I initially started doing this because of the difference in cost (ie, it’s much cheaper to hire) but I quickly learnt about the war on fast fashion and now I like to advocate for hiring rather than buying from a sustainability perspective.

What is your favourite personal go to brand?

What piece do you currently have your eye on?
I love the Zimmermann Zippy Scallop Mini dress.

“The Volte is a great dress hire platform, very user friendly and convenient.”

What are the top 3 best things about borrowing with The Volte?
1. Vast variety of the same outfit in different sizes and/or colours, with an extensive brand list to choose from
2. Ease of hiring due to promptness of lender responses
3.Speed/accuracy of delivery date

Advice for new members who are considering booking their first hire?
The Volte is a great dress hire platform, very user friendly and convenient. It’s a fantastic option if you’d like to wear a more expensive outfit without forking out the full amount, and of course, it’s much better for the environment than buying a cheaper dress and having it sit in your cupboard until you throw it out. It might be worth having a back-up option too, in case your first preference isn’t available for the dates you need it, as sometimes lenders say it’s available but it isn’t.

What is your take on hiring fashion to reduce the war on waste?
I am very conscious about conserving the environment (I’m a self-confessed Eco-warrior!) and try to take measures everywhere I can to reduce my carbon footprint. I’m an avid recycler and try to avoid one-use items – whether that be in my wardrobe, kitchen, utilities etc. In fact, if my partner and I didn’t live in a townhouse in the middle of St Kilda, we’d get chickens to compost our food scraps! I regularly use a keep cup for my daily coffee and I’m a big advocate for drying clothes naturally not in the dryer, and opening windows or putting on extra layers instead of turning on the air-conditioning or heating. Before I hired outfits, I would buy and then sell the outfit straight after having it dry-cleaned, as many people will buy a second- hand designer item that has only been one once for a reduced price.

How was your experience with The Volte?
I’ve always been happy with my experiences using The Volte.

Thanks Bonnie 🙂

Fancy becoming a featured lender or borrower with The Volte blog? Make sure you tag us on Instagram with a public profile when uploading a photo of your Volte outfit & we will be in touch xx.


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