Festival Fever

With Coachella only a few weeks away, and many more festivals to come, now is the time to sort out the perfect boho chic outfit to dance those days away. Whether you plan to rent or buy your outfit, it is so much easier to organise all your pieces now for your many looks, since many festivals go for at least a weekend!



large_1020d71f-d6c0-45ce-bfc8-5e52c362d50c large_ea118456-d4f8-4a29-96d2-c317823eae30.png

Don’t know what to wear for your upcoming groove session? Well we have chosen some of our favourites complete with the perfect detailing, we have especially been loving the fringe and ruffle trends coming back to relax and detail certain looks. There are also plenty of two pieces to mix and match to suit your style.

large_bf87c6bf-87d3-4fe7-a727-30c809d5d7da large_37850c54-e8aa-4c5f-9e14-5db797f212eb

With the clothing all sorted, all you have to do is style with as simple or glitter unicorn as you like and enjoy the tunes.

The Volte Squad x

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