Marlee is 23 years old and a proud Aboriginal woman who works as a freelance writer and consultant for an Indigenous communications Agency! In her spare time Marlee runs a female empowerment network, which celebrates the stories of Indigenous women from across the country!
Lets find out more about Marlee..

Where are you Based? 

What made you become a borrower on The Volte?
I was very annoyed with myself for how many items of clothing I had in my wardrobe that had only been worn once or (and I’m embarrassed to admit this) still had tags on them!! When I found out I had been invited to a big fancy awards night, I promised myself and my wallet I would bite the bullet and try hiring for the first time. I was a bit nervous, but a few friends recall awesome experiences with The Volte, so I tried and am so glad I did!

How long have you been a Volte borrower?
The first time I ever borrowed, was with the Volte!
That was in November 2018

What style of fashion do you like to browse/hire via the platform?
If I’m browsing on The Volte, it’s for something more high-end and beautiful that’s usually out of my price range. I search for something that makes you stand out in a room and be asked
“Where’s your outfit from?”

What is your favourite personal go to brand?
If money wasn’t an object, my whole wardrobe would be Manning Cartel or Bec & Bridge. Everything they make is so classic and immaculate- and I have a huge bias for Aussie designers

Bec & Bridge Classic one shoulder dress
Rebecca Vallance The Maya Blazer and pant

What are the pieces that you currently have your eye on?
I’m eyeing anything with a high neck and every suit in existence at the moment! Winter makes me want to go corporate boss lady. Sadly I have nowhere fun to go and dress up for!

“Just do it! Your wallet, wardrobe and
the Earth will thank you for it!”


What is your take on hiring fashion to reduce the war on waste?
Hiring is such a practical and positive solution to the toxic, wasteful behaviours our consumer- driven society has fallen into. It works out for all parties involved and puts us, the individuals in control of the impact we have on the world, particularly the fashion industry

What are your top 3 best things about borrowing from The Volte?
1. Easy to do! 2. Variety of options! 3. Reliable!

Advice for new members who are considering booking their first hire?
Just do it! Your wallet, wardrobe and the Earth will thank you for it!

Fancy becoming a featured lender or borrower with The Volte blog? Make sure you tag us on Instagram with a public profile when uploading a photo of your Volte outfit & we will be in touch xx.

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