The Met Gala: Iconic Looks

Some say the Oscars is fashion’s night of nights. I say the Met Gala is, hands down.  Held on the first Monday in May, the Costume Institute Gala is the most exclusive event on the New York scene, with tickets starting at $35 000. The invitation only event attracts fashion designers, actors, musicians, models, artists and a veritable who’s who of society.

Katy Perry

 The reason we love the Met Gala?  It is fashion at its fiercest. Guests take risks! No longer are celebrities confined to what’s flattering and in fashion, here they challenge it, dressing within theme of The Costume Institute’s exhibit. Attendees push boundaries and are encouraged to do so. 


Over the years, many stars have wowed on the red carpet at Gala.  Who could forget Rihanna’s giant egg dress that spawned a million memes?  Or that time she dressed as Pope?  Katy Perry’s giant wings last year almost took a few guests out.  And who can forget when Madonna had her bum cheeks hanging out.  Not to mention that time Kim Kardashian looked like your grandma’s couch! Here we take a look at some of the best outfits from last year.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Blake Lively
Gucci Designer Alessandro Michele, Lana Del Ray & Jared Leto
J Lo
Gigi Hadid
Cardi B
Priyanka Chopra

Have a look at some of our spectacular Met Gala Worthy gowns available on The Volte for a fraction of the retail cost. You don’t have to be a star to be a WOW on any red carpet.

Aurelio Costarella Mercurial Gown
Nicola Finetti Marisol Gown
Lexi Cairo Dress
Dion Lee X-Ray Sheath Dress
Lexi Grace Gown

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