Fast Fashion Detox


We live in a time where we throw things away without a second thought but what is this disposable society that we live in doing to us? If we want it, we buy it. If it breaks, we replace it immediately. If we get bored or want an upgrade, we throw it away and buy again. Forever purchasing to fill this need we have created to keep up with The Jones’. Even if it means we are buying the cheaper product that we only wear once, finishing its life in landfill. Are we starting to clutter our lives with quantity rather than quality in order to always have the latest or most on-trend option? Perhaps it is time we go back to living more simply. But how do we do this? We know the sharing economy can help and now The Volte has a challenge for you…

What if for one whole month we commit to not purchasing any clothes and only rent quality outfits for those big special events? Time to get back to choosing quality over quantity again.

Conduct a “spark-joy” wardrobe session that would do Marie Kondo proud. This will ensure your closet has been eliminated of all the items you never wear, all those outfits that lack quality and haven’t stood the test of time.

Organise the rack of your most loved necessity staples and enjoy a far simpler less cluttered clothing space.

Make note of your upcoming special events and book in all of your quality designer fashion hires via The Volte! It’s a great chance to try new styles without breaking the bank.

Other than the obvious money saving advantages and the fact you will have a a far neater clothing space, this challenge will allow you to contribute to the sustainability movement by decluttering your closet, not purchasing any new items and hiring the extra designer fashion you need! It also means you are making a stand against fast fashion’s unethical manufacturing practices whilst protecting and supporting genuine fashion labels and their designer artists. Will you join us in this challenge? Ready, set, go!

Taking up the challenge?
Tag us @thevolte with your Fast Fashion Detox Volte outfits for a chance to win a $100 voucher off your next hire!

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