Oscars 2018

Today brought the 90th Academy Awards in Hollywood, bringing all the stars to the red carpet to celebrate the film industry. The current award season has had various dress codes for attendees in support for the Time’s Up movement, yet today there was no suggested colours or accessories leaving celebrities to go for gold. Here are some of our favourite and most memorable looks of this years Oscars.

Fashion commentators have deemed our Nicole Kidman best dressed for this years Oscars as she walked out in a cobalt blue number from Armani Prive. Nicole can do no wrong in our eyes, and we love that she took a bit of a risk with the bow like structure paired with the sweetheart neckline.


Margot Robbie looks just as elegant wearing Chanel, looking as classic and sophisticated as the Oscars should be. Some have said that the draped detailing looks like cheap tinsel left over from Christmas but I believe that the dress wouldn’t have the same sparkle and glamour without it.


The super long sleeve trend continues. Allison Janney shows off her figure while looking like an elegant princess in this red number, that is perfect for a winner.


Andra Day decided to lay down on the carpet. I am unfamiliar with her music but there is talk that her dress looks better in a horizontal position than standing. Loving the corset bodice that has made many appearances on this years Oscar’s red carpet.


As soon as I saw this image of Rita Moreno, it just made me smile. Rita looks like she is having the time of her life and is absolutely rocking that outfit. Styled perfectly and I love the gloves, adding that extra classic feel.


Zendaya giving us goddess vibes, but when does she not look perfect? Honestly she looks stunning all of the time. The dress is shining, accompanied with simple jewellery, hair and makeup.


I hope I look just as good as Jane Fonda when I am her age. She looks amazing and that dress too. So elegant. So beautiful. So graceful.


Australian actress Abbie Cornish went with a soft look to match the Oscars style. The detail in the dress is perfection and drapes beautifully on the red carpet. I want to wear this dress.


The walking Oscar: Lupita Nyong’o. That gold just shines on the carpet and the shoulder detailing just adds that extra interest to an already beautiful silhouette.


Why is Emma Stone wearing pants to the Oscars? The satin like material makes it sophisticated but does she know what she is attending? By the end of the night it will be crease city, and the jacket is making me angry with the weird ruched detailing under the bust and awkward length changing her proportion.


Took me a minute to realise that this bombshell of a lady is none other than Viola Davis. Wow. Love the bright colour, love the styling, but if only there were no seams on the bodice, as its placement is slightly annoying me.

Taraji P. Henson took us back to the Angelina Jolie leg with that sky high split. I always love some sheer material and cut outs for that extra sexiness.


Whoopi Goldberg has been killing it with her style lately. Don’t think for a second that we missed her looks she sported at fashion week recently. So floral and elegant, and perfect for the occasion.


An all white ensemble with black shoes just to mix up the monochrome vibe, Timothee Chalamet looks very sophisticated, with a pose thats seems more casual and relaxed.


Princess. Queen. Whatever we shall call her, Tiffany Haddish looks like royalty. So elegant and styled to perfection, need I say more?


Jennifer Lawrence gave us medieval armour vibes in this red carpet number. That material is just glistening off the lights and falls elegantly, styled with beachy waves and bold makeup, this is a statement outfit. I would love to wear this one!


Another metallic gown for the carpet, Gal Gadot protrudes more elegance and 1920 vibes with the sleek silhouette, movement in the skirt and classic styling accompanied with a red lip. She has become a star.


I like Saoirse Ronan in this simple Calvin Klein dress, but I don’t believe it is a wow dress.  Some have said that it looks like she just wrapped herself in whatever material she could find, which has some truth, but I like the simplicity.


Last but not least, the cinematic chameleon Meryl Streep looks stunning in red. Meryl can do no wrong and to my knowledge, always looks perfection. She is just goals.


The Volte Squad x

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