Make Some Extra Cash (Or Save That Bit More!)

We all want some extra money. Whether it’s to save that little bit extra or make some more on the side for something special, here are our top tips to get that cash.

1. If you don’t already know about our site I truely wonder how you got to this blog post. Anyways, if you have any designer dresses, menswear or accessories laying around the house from that one occasion it was worn to, then The Volte is your place to upload this beauty and rent it out. Super simple and easy, and your items will pay for themselves.

2. For those items that are not so designer and you don’t wish to keep, then apps like Carousell will become your best friend to sell them unwanted pieces. I have heaps of clothes that I never wear anymore or still have the tags on since I brought a size too small to diet and exercise into (I know I’m not the only one guilty of this) that just sit in the wardrobe looking all sad. They really should go to a better home.

3. Bring your coffee and lunch from home. Buying food and coffee on the go can be super expensive and it adds up to a lot quickly. Takeaway cups and containers full of healthy meals or leftovers will become part of your daily routine. You will stick to a healthier eating plan, save money and reduce waste from disposable packaging. It is a win for everyone.

4. Opt for hosting nights in to catch up with your friends. All of your friends will love to save some extra dollars with you and it will be a perfect night since you get to eat and do what you want. No need for $15 cocktails each when you can make your favourite beverages with your squad.

5. When grocery shopping, make a list before you go and stick to it. I am the worst at buying products that I thought I was out of, only to discover I already have a backup in the pantry at home.

6. An addition to the grocery thing, try eating more vegetarian options. If you look at the price of vegetables compared to meat there is a big difference. I am not preaching a diet onto you but vegetarian cooking can be way cheaper so switch out the meat every now and then.

The Volte Squad x

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