Thoughts You Have When Going To The Gym

Motivation is sometimes a little tough to find for work outs in the morning, especially now that the sun is rising a little later and it is a little more brisk in the morning. I may still be working on my summer body, even though it is now autumn, but I still manage to drag myself to the early morning gym classes. Being quite new to the gym scene I have plenty of thoughts about the whole process, and I have to admit it is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions before the first sip of morning coffee.

Do I really need to go? Is fitness really important?

Girl, how much junk did you eat on the weekend, get your butt to the gym.

But bed is just SO comfortable, and warm, and cosy.

If I don’t go the instructor is going to ask where I have been and I’m just not ready for that interrogation.

Argh why are sports clothes so tight and constraining you can see all the parts of my body that I’ve been trying to ignore.

Oh I get it *checks out butt in the mirror*

And of course I am the only one awake in my house at this hour. I better not make too much noise *accidently slams door closed* brilliant.

And we are on our way. Wow there is no traffic on the road, if only it was like this all of the time.


The gym isn’t even open yet. I am here wayyy too early.

No one better steal my spot in the back corner. New girl don’t even try me.

Hmmm how much weight am I going to lift today? Pfft let’s be real I have weak little sausages for arms.

How do people not look uncoordinated setting up the steps. Seriously?!

Oh we are starting. Pretty sure I am still half asleep. This is going to be interesting.

The music choice is a bit heavy for this time of the morning am I right?

This isn’t too bad so far.

I bet I am going to have the peachiest butt after this.

Only 10 minutes in and I am already dying.

Where am I supposed to look? I’ll just stare into nothing.

So when I get home I need to have a shower, leave home by 8:30, don’t forget lunch, have to work on this, better not forget that… and I’ve totally zoned out and no longer doing what I’m meant to.

How am I shaking this much?

Legs don’t give up on me, that would be embarrassing.

Eww I can feel the sweat dripping down my back. Hope it’s not too obvious.

Have to work harder! Have to have the best body EVER. Like Victoria Secret model body.

I am so tired.

Ah stop looking at the clock, time will go slower.

This was a mistake. Everything hurts.

Are you kidding me. AGAIN? Girl, no.

Oh crap the instructor is staring at me. Ah I have to do all the sets.

Yep, pretty sure my body is about to break.

*looks at self in mirror* I am no longer human, I am tomato.

How is she even doing that? How does she make it look so normal?

Is she laughing at me? That’s rude. Oh wait she is laughing at me laughing at myself. Haha I am too funny sometimes.

Did she just say last track, can I get an amen up in here (Amen. Now let the music play)

And I am officially dead. My body does not want to move.

Now I am even more tired, do I have enough time to take a nap before work?


I am a god.

I am beauty.

I am health.

I will always go to the gym.


Does this mean I can treat myself to an entire tub of ice cream later?

The Volte Squad x

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