As White As Snow

So bright, and so pure.

White has always looked stunning no matter the person or the occasion. It has become attached with so many of life’s milestones too. Weddings, debutantes, christenings, the list goes on, but who really needs a special occasion to wear white?!

Many of us love a good white pant paired with a casual top for lazy afternoon drinks and adore crisp ivory ball gowns to a formal occasion. It can look super modern and chic by how opaque it is, or a little more traditional in lace like materials. It never goes out of style, and to be honest always looks good!


Many tend to stay away from garments of pure white in fear of the dreaded spilt drink or sauce dribble. Yes, this is a realistic fear, but from personal experience, it is all about being attentive as to what you are near and also what you are sitting on. And from how good white looks in photographs, it is worth the fear to be looking that stunning!


Now lets say that you have got your hands on a ticket to a certain event in Perth on April 7th with a strict white dress code (ahem Diner En Blanc!) then there is no time like the present to search through our range of white pieces for your next event. The Volte is like having your own expandable wardrobe, where fashion is always at your fingertips!

The Volte Squad x

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