Worry Not, Your Valentine’s Day Outfit Is Sorted!

So you have got yourself a hot date for Valentine’s Day but have no idea what to wear? Stress less gal, we have a dress to suit every date. Whether it’s a first date or you have been with your partner for years on end, Valentines is a day to celebrate being with each other and the love you share. We have a variety of choices to rent out on The Volte, including all of the dresses shown below,  so all of you have to do is pick your favourite and wait for it to arrive at your door. Simple as that, and the stress is gone. 

The Casual Date

Got a cute picnic in the park or coffee date? It is the ideal ‘want to look cute with not too much effort’ outfit that is super comfortable and relaxed. Easily dressed with a pair of sandals or slides and accessorised to suit your style, your personality will shine through to make your date all about you and your partner, and not about having to adjust and sit a certain way for the dress’s sake. 


The Drinks Date

The classic drinks/ dinner combo, the safest option when it comes to dating. Normally at a bar or restaurant, it’s a bit fancy but there is plenty of dress options. Heels is probably best with a cocktail dress since its always better to be over dressed than underdressed, but of course depends on the venue and expected dress from your date. 


The Formal Date

You’ve scored yourself a winner if your partner is taking you five star. The dress code is somewhere between cocktail and formal so its time to dress to the nines. And since you are getting so dressed up, don’t forget to take plenty of pics with your loved one as I’m sure this will be a night to remember.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.12.16 pm

Whatever you wear, be sure to stay true to yourself . Your date is there to be with you and to enjoy the most romantic day of the year with yours truely.

Stay safe, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Lots of love,

The Volte Squad x

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