Grammy Fashion Review

Sunday brought music’s biggest award show from a chilly NYC, but all the show stopping glam and chic-ness was not missed. Whether they were pinned, held or incorporated into the outfit, many accessorised with a white rose to signify solidarity to the Time’s Up movement against sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry.


The Grammys always attracts the most bold of fashion, steering away from the glamour of other award shows and making more of a statement or fashion risk.


Some worked… Some were a bit out there to say the least. But the Grammys is known to bring the most iconic fashion looks.

Pink’s dress choice, as cosy as it looks, is reminiscent of Sesame Street’s Snuffleupagus if he had just done the colour run. Not the most flattering for the figure but definitely a statement. Love that she was accompanied by her daughter Willow who looks absolutely gorgeous.


Hello Little Bo Peep? Swan Lake? Life-size wedding cake topper? This dress was not expected from Cardi B who normally shows off her curvaceously banging bod. Her performance of Finesse with Bruno Mars was bomb I must say. She is going to be one to watch.


Fifth Harmony who? Camila Cabello looks absolutely amazing… but not as amazing as the moment between her and Nick Jonas before she blows kisses in the background of his interview with Ryan Seacrest. It was a cringey awkward flirty moment that we are so glad we all got to see.

Speaking of Nick J, he looked very stylish casual but weather appropriate for winter in New York. Love that he matched his socks to his coat, and the white rose statement on the monochrome look. We don’t understand the “Detroit” T-shirt if someone could please explain the reference.


Chrissy Teigen can do no wrong. She is shining from the inside out. Love her. Love the dress.


At first we wondered about the boot choice but we understand Hailee Steinfeld’s outfit. A classic heel would be too glamour and for such a young, stylish musician there has to be some edge at the Grammys. We want that dress and love the galactic styling of the makeup.


What are these shoes? Why? Honestly, crocs might even be better than these. We understand that it’s the Grammys but those sneakers look like they just came from the telephone pole after being thrown and hanging there since the 90’s. Jayden Smith has mashed all of his favourite decades in one look and he still looks put together. Khalid from the ankles up looks straight out of the 70s.


There was a pantsuit galore on the red carpet. So much power and sophistication.

Kesha had some western vibes in her red carpet look, incorporating the white rose into her jacket. Many tears were shed and a standing ovation was met with the final lines of her moving performance of Praying, which she sung accompanied by many all-star females including Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello and Julia Michaels. Cyndi wouldn’t be herself without some colour in her outfit, which suits her very well. Anna Kendrick took a more business chic approach to the pantsuit with the severe shoulder pads and heels.

The Volte Squad x

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