New to The Volte: Fashion to buy and sell

At The Volte we pride ourselves on listening to our users and trying to ensure that our platform is the best it can possibly be. We are always working on upgrading and improving our site and listen to all user suggestions. SO, we have recently released the functionality to enable our lenders to sell their fashion items on the Volte!

We are excited!

As we have a large number of corporate lenders this is particularly exciting when you need to let go of last season’s stock and get the new items from the runway in the door. For borrowers and buyers like us – it means that we’ll be able to buy beautiful designer fashion at a fraction of the retail price. No auctions. No waiting. Just seamless shopping at half the price. And guess what, you can totally justify it because you can earn income from your new investment by renting it out on The Volte. Ah-mazing.

Officially – MIND BLOWN

So how do you sell your items. Simply add a ‘buy it now’ price and your dress will automatically then have a sale price. You can also list a rental price so you don’t have to make any hard decisions.

In addition to your dress being wearable under our usual filters, it will also appear on our ‘Dresses for Sale’ page so you can be sure that the thrifty Volte shoppers will find you. Make sure you pick ‘Item for Sale’ under the ‘Style’ filter when you list your item.

Happy Selling. Happy Shopping. Happy Volte-ing.


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