My name is Sarah! I’m a 21 year old nursing student, living in one of the most beautiful places in the world: a small town, 30 mins from Byron Bay NSW.

How long have you been a Volte borrower?
I came across The Volte when I was searching for a dress for my 21st last year. I loved the Mirrabella dress and when I found it in my size and also going for the cheapest out of any site, I knew I had to get it from The Volte.

What style of fashion do you like to browse / hire via the platform?
I love browsing for formal wear and getting ideas for my upcoming events.

What is your favourite personal go to brand?
My favourite go to brand would have to be Kookaï and Zimmermann.

What are the pieces that you currently have your eye on?
A piece I currently have my eye on is the Zippy Bodice from Zimmermann for an upcoming wedding.

What is your take on hiring fashion to reduce the war on waste?
I think hiring fashion is the best thing since sliced bread! The fact I could get such a beautiful dress for a quarter of the retail price was unreal! I felt like a princess. I also hate spending such a large amount of money on dresses that I only wear once and then are left in my wardrobe till I get sick of seeing them, and I either hand them down or donate them to the op shop. It was great wearing the dress, getting so many amazing pictures and then sending it back. I think hiring clothes makes people go for higher end brands, knowing they don’t have to spend a fortune and they don’t have to worry about storing and having no event to wear it to again.

What are your top 3 best things about borrowing with The Volte?

  • The price.
  • How easy it is.
  • The amazing customer service!

Advice for new members who are considering booking their first hire?
Go for it! I was always a bit hesitant before I tried it and I was so surprised with how quickly it came and how easy it actually was. I received it the day before my event, wore it and then sent it back the next day. Also shop around for good prices! Every hire site has different prices for the same item, so spend some time getting the best hire price. 

Eliya the Label

How was your experience with The Volte?
My experience with The Volte was above expected in regards to ease, punctuality and service. I loved how I didn’t have to worry about dry cleaning before I sent it back, that was all included in the hire price and so was a return label, which added to the ease. On the contrary I wish I got a smaller size as the dress was a little big around my chest, but overall I loved it and got so my compliments.

Fancy becoming a featured lender or borrower with The Volte blog? Make sure you tag us on Instagram with a public profile when uploading a photo of your Volte outfit & we will be in touch xx.

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