Our Covid Crushes

In 2019 our crushes were predictable – Zan Efron, John Legend, Jamie Dornan. In 2020 – less predictable.

Then 2020 hit and all of a sudden our firefighters were top of our list, including the man who calmed a nation in crisis, Shane Fitzsimmons. Now Shane isn’t the usual character you would find at the top of Who’s magazine’s sexiest man list but the way he led us during a nation wide unprecedented disaster put him at the top of ours.

Shane Fitzsimmons

Now during the Covid crisis and being under quarantine, new strange crushes are emerging as men and women who we previously we had never heard of or who’s qualities we did not appreciate are now part of our daily routine.

Dr Norman Swan. The ABC medical reporter and host of Coronacast provides easy to understand information during this age of mis-information.
(No – you can not wash corona away with gin and tonic)
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who is leading the fight against the Covid outbreak in NYC and calling out Trump for being bonkers
David Genat who just won Australia Survivor All Stars because ‘look at him’ and has banter to boot
AMA President Dr Andrew Miller who has delivered daily straight talking press conferences demanding medical supplies including protective garments and masks for those health care workers on the front line and who coordinated the most quintessential Australian ‘stay the f*#$ at home‘ viral video with a host of Aussie celebs and doctors
If you’re WFM with children daily “PE with the Body Coach” may be a 30 minute reprieve from the onslaught of managing work around home education and the constant request for more snacks. Joe seems genuinely thrilled and shocked that his daily sessions are attacking more than 1 million live viewers each day. His work outs are easy enough to follow for kids and hard enough for adults to join in if they’re not trying to a Zoom call and look presentable and not like someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Joe Exotic…Just kidding. Look at that shirt.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.

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