Hangover Tips from The Volte Squad

*Discliamer: we do not claim this information is medically correct, the purpose of this article is to entertain and inform to the best of our ability. 

21st birthdays aren’t just on day, they are full on weekends. With my 21st celebrations last weekend, and if you are anything like me, you know that craming as many coffee dates, drinks and dress changes into the one weekend is a must.  Busy weekends usually mean we throw our routines out the window and try everything under the sun –  a variety of alcoholic concoctions, bacon and egg McMuffins, and forgetting to take our make-up off before we go to sleep (or lack there of)?

If you are anything like me and feel more Sharon than Kim, there are a few techniques you can use to help you feel ever-so KATH. (Sorry international readers, bad Aussie reference).


After a long weekend, you have most likely consumed more alcohol than water which leaves your body dehydrated causing headaches and muscle pains plus disturbing digestion! Avoid caffeine which can further dehydrate you. To boost your water’s hydration power add citrus and antioxidant fruits like sliced lemon and orange as well as blueberries! Grab a big water bottle and take everywhere with you! The suggested amount of water to drink everyday is 2 litres but increase this to 2.5L as you have to make up for all the water lost on the weekend! Herbal tea is my best friend when it comes to a cleanse. Containing antioxidants, herbal teas can help aid digestion, feed your cells with energy and help you feel a little lighter! Coconut water also helps with all those lost electrolytes. It’s got all the minerals you need for dehydration, so ditch the sports drink and have a coconut water!

I need water. Must have water…

I’m gonna guess that you probably didn’t hit the gym over the break and the thought of high intensity fitness makes you cringe. As you have given your body some time off physical exercise it could run down your body even more if you jumped straight into a massive binge workout so ease your body into it – go for a walk. It can be a light stroll, to a brisk walk, to a soft jog. This will get the blood flowing to the muscles that have built up toxins, and release endorphins to kick you out of the post-weekend blues!

Just keep walking

Feeling a little out of focus and blurry after the celebrations? Incense is not just air-freshener for hippies as a matter of fact! Spiritual healers and physicians have used incense for its healing powers and aromatherapy. Monks use intense to clear their mind and aid meditation. It is also said that incense purifies the air around us and pure air is what increases energy levels! So run into your nearest $2 store and grab yourself a box of incense sticks!

Show me the incence

Long weekend left you more anxious than relaxed after valuable time off work? Studies have shown that hot showers increase your oxytocin levels (the “lurrrve” hormone) and ease anxiety! Boogied a bit too hard and feeling a lil sore? A hot shower/bath can help relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles. Even better, add some epsom salts and soak up that muscle-relaxing magnesium.



After a weekend of sweaty dancing and leaving your make-up on at night a layer of grime may have developed over your body, clogging your pores and creating irritation. Cell regeneration slows as we age therefore our ability to shed dead skin cells decreases leaving skin looking dull and dry too! Grab a natural exfoliant like sugar, salt or coffee grinds and combine with organic coconut oil as well as your fave essential oil and apply to skin in circular motions all over your body including your face. Wash off in luke-warm water and you’ll feel as phresh as as Jay-Z!

We all exfoliate

Its no secret that sleep is essential for your health but due to the lack of shut eye on the weekend your body is in a toxic state. Rest allows your body to regenerate, restore, and regulate its hormonal and bodily functions. Consider it a necessity, like a car service for your body! The sudden change in your sleeping pattern over the weekend can impact your immunity therefore hit the hay at a your regular time! To ensure you get some quality sleep put down the technology at least an hour before to give your brain time to wind down.

So so tired…

Whether it be a movie marathon binge, an Easter family feast or a midnight kebab your tum tum is full of the bad stuff. Processed, high-fat, high-carb food can cause bloating and inflammation leading to symptoms of constipation, especially if your dehydrated. The best thing you can do to aid digestion is feed your body with unprocessed and, where possible, organic fruits and vegetables. Your stomach acids will be able to break down the food with ease and nutrients will be better absorbed by your cells. Better yet, chuck all the good stuff in a blender and have a green smoothie – your intestine will love you for it!

Come on – you know it’s good for you…

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