Hire your way to HOT at the next Festival!

With much anitcipated Listen Out line-up finally annouced for 2017 including big international names like rapper Future, Mac Miller, Duke Dumont and local talents like Whats So Not and Safia, festival-goers all over the country are frantically scrambling to find their best outfit yet!

Look no further – open the Volte and find what you’ve been looking for! Chuck your cheap knock off and hire a dress for your next Festival! You’ve already dug deap to cover the cost of the ever-increasing price of the ticket (cheers Australia for being so isolated) so saving money on your outfit is ever so important! No, that does not mean you have to raid the nearest op shop, you can still wear high-end brands and labels at the fraction of the cost. Designer dress hire is the next big thing in the fashion world so jump on the bandwagon!

Check out our blog on Coachella Style to inspire your next hire!

Dress hire through The Volte means that you can borrow a high end designer dress online through a secure platform and have it delivered straight to your door through our door-to-door courier.

Happy hiring party animals!

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