5 minutes with: Aimee Rath from Guilt Luxury

Accessory queen Aimee Rath is the latest fierce female to join The Volte family. Collaborating with The Volte, Guilt Luxury is taking the guilt out of accessorizing, featuring the latest pieces from Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Valentino and Diane Von Furstenburg for your hiring pleasure.

If fashion is cake and accessories are the frosting, the lady behind Perth’s best luxury accessory hire boutique is here to give you all the best tips to take your look to next level delish.

So, ladies of Perth, get ready to #frostyourselves!

V: How did Guilt Luxury begin?

A: Guilt began shortly after I finished my law degree. I had been thinking about it for quite some time, and then one day decided “this is the day”. It has been fun, exciting and tiring. It gives me an outlet to display my semi-creative side as my day job is behind is in an office, behind a desk. 


V: What are some of your tips for styling your accessories to your outfit? 

A: I love a simple outfit, with on-trend accessories. You can dress up or dress down any outfit with the accessories you choose. An outfit can look completely different based on what you decide to wear with it.

V: What are this season’s latest accessories trends?

A: I am loving the velvet this season. I’m usually not a huge velvet lover, but some of this seasons pieces are changing my mind! I recently bought some velvet pants…trust me, not as hideous as it sounds.

V: What are your ‘must haves’ things to take with you on a night out that will fit in a clutch?                                
A: A great lipstick. I love my YSL colours, and they last ALL night.

Aimee’s collection of beautiful accessories are sure head-turners at any event and are all available to hire on the Volte today! 

Bags featured above: Saint Laurent Blogger BagSaint Laurent Metallic Clutch,

Saint Laurent Tassel ClutchDiane Von Furstenburg Clutch Valentino Rockstud ClutchGucci Aristographic Clutch


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