Dress Hire Hobart

No, the latest fashion trend is not mesh or floral – its DESIGNER HIRE. Rental fashion in Australia is taking over and savvy Cinderellas and Prince Charmings are now able to access high-end designer labels in Hobart fast and affordably.

Renting a dress in Hobart has never been easier with The Volte. With a free sign up, you can brouse endless fashion, dress and suit options for rent from dress hire boutiques all over Australia. Unlike many smaller dress rental websites The Volte is a secure online flatform with all payment gateways verified plus free lender insurser and bond options offered. Our door-to-door courier service ensures busy boss babes and business buddies save precious time and money.

Enjoy dressing like your favourite A-listers so much you fork out for the latest designer labels but have only worn them once? Why not become a lender and turn your designer wardrobe into an investment. Our Hobart customers are now making an additional $500 per week by renting out their designer fashion items. The Volte transends the boundaries of locations and connects lenders and borrowers in Hobart to the rest of Australia with our door-to-door courier service.

So if you want to stay on trend join the #voltesquaud today and always be ahead of the fashionista pack!

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