How to have your dress, and keep it too!

A perfect formal night centres on the perfect date, the perfect shoes, but most importantly the perfect dress. It’s natural to splurge a little (or a lot) on the dress of your dreams, but once the night is over how do you stop that dress hanging in your closet acting as a reminder of that hole in your bank account?

If you are still in capital-L love with your dress a quick trip to your tailor can sort you out. Shortening a floor length gown can instantly make it feel less formal and perfect for a night out. Other quick fixes can include shortening or removing sleeves or changing a neckline, removing or adding embellishments or changing the dress colour. Best of all alterations will make your dress a one-of-a-kind, making you an exclusive fashion story.

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If the thought of your beautiful gown hanging dusty in a closet, shrouded only in memories of better nights gets you down, let your dress live to dance again and consider donating it to a good cause. Cinderella Kids is a West Australian based charity that makes a difference in the lives of sick or disadvantaged children, as well as helping deserving teens with their formal and graduation needs. Bundle up your dress, shoes and accessories and with a simple drop off feel the glow of helping others. #blessed

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If your formal splurging has left your bank account lower than you’d like then your dress may just have become your best tool to getting back in the black. Your formal dress is an investment piece; let it earn you a return and list it on a website like The Volte and receive a profit by letting others rent their dream dress from you.

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