Have the ball gown of your dreams!

For all of you young school girls and boys, ball season is the highlight of the school calendar and it is one of the best parts that finishing high school brings. Yet there is so many questions that come with the major event – Who is your partner? Where are you getting your hair and makeup done? And the main one of all – What are you wearing?!

Between mum locking down a budget and your dream ball experience that she doesn’t want to break, it is hard to compromise with the many expenses, including the dress, accessories, tan, hair and makeup etc. So much goes into this one special day and it is one of the first times that you get the opportunity to go all out and get as glam as you like!

So why not be #1 daughter of the year and hire your dress?

Your loving mum will be happy to save the $$ and you get your dream dress no matter how extravagant or over the top you want! (And at least then you might be able to get the works on other aspects of the night, hello fresh set of nails!).

Carla Zampatti Gold Halter Dress

Now that you have decided to hire your dress for this special occasion (from The Volte of course!), all that you have to decide is what dress you want, as you have almost every dress, style and colour imaginable at your disposal. Are you looking to be a real life princess in the classic ball gown or a modern, elegant goddess with a fitted mermaid style gown, have the wow factor with sequins or be simply stunning in a beautifully draped gown. Your choices are endless!

Sherri Hill Two Piece Ball Gown

If you use an online hire boutique, like us at The Volte, you can take as much time as you need to decide on your dream dress, go back and forth between your favourites, theres no need to book appointments or travel across the city hunting down boutiques within trading hours. And when you finally make the choice at whatever time of day, all you need to do is simply push a few buttons, enter some details and it is all yours!

It is times like this when we truely appreciate the internet in all of its glory!

Once the hardest decision has been made, everything else should fit right into place just the way you imagined it.

So what are you waiting for?

Happy ball dress browsing!

Alex Perry Alex Dress
Alex Perry Alex Dress

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