Lender Spotlight

Where are you based?

My name is Brittany and I am based in Melbourne, Victoria

What made you become a lender on The Volte?

The Volte is great exposure to different borrowers

How long have you been a Volte lender?

5/6 years

What style of fashion do you like to list on the platform?

All different really from tops, cocktail dresses, mini dresses and bags

What is your favourite personal go to brand?

At the moment it would be House of CB or Christopher Esber

What are your most popular current pieces that hire often?

Currently it would be House of CB The Cassia Dress and Christopher Esber The Sculpt Structured Dress

What is your take on hiring fashion to reduce the war on waste?

I think it’s amazing to recycle clothing as it’s more sustainable and cuts down wastage of over production on clothing

What are your top 3 best things about lending with The Volte?

1. More exposure 

2. Very easy to use 

3. Great communication with the team

Advice for borrowers who are considering becoming a lender?

To have a range of different sizes and styles to slowly then grow your collection

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