Post Covid Party Dresses On A Budget

That’s right guys, exciting changes are happening! Finally, restrictions are being lifted (in varying degrees around the country) which means we all can go out and be social again. I can’t wait to get dressed up and go out. Bars and restaurants are open, you can have more people over to your place, things are returning to normal (the new normal anyway). This means no more sitting around in your pyjamas or activewear. Finally, a chance to dress up! Sure we may have got dressed up for virtual parties or virtual dates but to go all out with a fab new outfit and heels, it has probably been a few months. So now when we go out, we want to look amazing with a gorgeous new dress to celebrate the occasion(s).

But for a lot of us, money is tight. Many have lost their jobs or seen their hours reduced due to the pandemic. Right now, especially as we are in a recession, it would be irresponsible to blow $500 on a dress you might only wear once or twice. Sure, the latest collections from designers are tempting, but most of us cannot justify spending that money right now. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Renting. It has many advantages under normal circumstances such as reducing waste and being more sustainable (which I love), but getting access to the latest trends at a fraction of the retail price is really appealing right now. At The Volte, you can search for dresses by price which is fantastic. With this in mind and knowing that many of you will be on a budget but still need something fab to wear to all the post Covid parties, I’ve curated a selection of my fave dresses under $100 to hire. Take a peek and hire one of these beauties or one of the other many dresses we have under $100. You can even search for dresses under $50 and there are plenty of options in all sizes.

Zimmermann Wavelength Fluted Mini Dress
Finders Keepers Timeless Mini Dress
By Johnny Ruby Leopard Cuffed Mini
Eliya The Label Olivia Dress
Mackenzie Mode Etherial Maxi Dress
By Nicola Riviera Midi Dress
Talulah Pollen Midi Dress
Alice McCall Floyd Mini Dress
Rotate by Birger Christensen Gingham Mini Dress
Rixo Rose Dress

Enjoy guys!



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