Shipping 101

You’ve got an order – amaze balls. Now it’s time to make sure that you get it to your Borrower on time for their big event.

Many borrowers are hiring for a very special event so the last thing you want is a dress emergency and your dress turning up a day late.

The Volte Squad loves early – we arrive to meetings early, hit deadlines early and wake up early (not all the time). But most important of all we send things early. Here are some tips so you never get caught out by shipping.

The Volte squad loves early shipping. LOVE IT!

The Shipping Commandments 

  1. ALWAYS use Australia Post Express Parcel shipping for interstate orders. Sendle is great for interstate orders but do not have reliable interstate shipping times.
  2. ALWAYS add a day to the recommended Australia Post shipping times.
  3. Confirm with the Borrower that they are happy for the item to be left in a safe spot.
  4. ALWAYS include a self addressed return Australia Post Express Parcel for easy returns.
  5. REMEMBER that Australia Post Express Parcels are not reliable on Saturdays so always ensure that you have deliver weekend orders on the previous Friday.

The Voltes recommends the below lead times for Australia Post Express Parcels:

  • Intercity – 2 days prior to the delivery date
  • Interstate capital cities (excluding Perth & Darwin) – 2 days prior to the delivery date
  • Interstate Perth & Darwin – 3 days prior to the delivery date
  • Interstate rural areas – 3 days prior to the delivery date
Always add a day to the recommend Aus Post express parcel delivery times

Dress emergencies

We recommend using Zoom2U for dress emergencies – they offer extremely fast delivery services. See


Make it nice. If you make your dress feel like a present the Borrower already starts the experience off on the right foot. Tissue paper is great for ensuring items are creased and a handwritten note helps build the sense of community and offers a nice personal touch.


So get ‘ship shape and ship on.



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