The perfect scent for your designer dress

Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress. 

— Christian Dior

There is a satisfaction like no other when entering a Perfumery or the fragrance section of a department store and misting the various array of scents over tiny tester cards or covering your body in different perfumes to smell like a walking field of flowers. If you are yet to experience this euphoric feeling then I suggest to do it now. You haven’t lived (intended hyperbole, shoot me?)

However, often the difficult task among this is deciding on what Perfume is for you. Here, at the Volte, we believe choosing your outfit first helps with choosing your scent.

Here is a little guide on how to compliment your designer dress with the perfect perfume!

For Love And Lemons – Amelia Strapless Mini Dress

This dress is fun, flirty and very floral. With the off the shoulder, puffed sleeves and sweetheart neckline you’ll be feeling oh-so girly and sweet in this dress.

Perfume verdict:

Daisy Dream Kiss by Marc Jacobs

This fragrance is one of the newest scents from designer and fashion mogul Marc Jacobs. With its crisp floral undernotes like Jasmine and Cedarwood and its fruity top note of Blackcurrent buds this is perfect to pair with the Love and Lemons dress to feel feminine fresh.

Premonition Devoted Playsuit

This playsuit is an edgy twist on class and sophistication, with the shorts adding a cheeky vibe to the look.

Perfume verdict:

Armani Si by Giorgio Armani

With its Musky Wood accord and its Vanilla and Rose top notes, this fragrance by Armani is the ideal combination of bold sass and understated class to spritz over your playsuit.


Thurley Poppy Fields Dress 


A part of Thurley’s latest collection, this stunning lace beauty achieves the etherial look every fashionista dies for. Ever-so soft and pure, you’ll be looking so angelic in this number.

Perfume verdict:

Chloe by Chloe Eau De Parfum

A classic among famous perfumes and arguably a statement piece for the everyday fashionista. Chloe’s undertones of Honey and Amber keep to the sweetness of this look while the heart notes of Lily and Magnolia are almost as light as the lace endowing this beautiful garment.


Sir The Label Elsa Tie Dress

Cute, preppy and summery, days will never be dull in this dress from brand Sir the Label. The silk and front tie-up bodice oozes cool and will keep you on trend as the weather gets warmer.

Perfume verdict:

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

With its base notes of Vanilla, Coffee and Cedarwood this fragrance is perfect for the young, savvy trendsetter. YSL have picked Mandarin, Pepper and Pear as the top ascents creating a unique scent ideal for finishing off this quirky look.

If you are still unsure why not just wear your hired dress into the store and try it with the perfumes. The shop clerks will be jealous of your wardrobe (little do they know you’ve joined the Volte cult).

All dresses featured are available for hire on The Volte.

Happy hunting,

Madeline Palmer

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