Travel tips for the intrepid traveller

If you are anything like me travelling is not an easy task. I was definitely not born for the life of a nomad. However, that is not going to stop me from visiting my favourite, dream destinations around the world.

Just over a year ago I embarked on a six-week trip around Europe. The first few days saw me head to Brighton, England, for a two day music festival and then it was straight to a 34-day Top Deck tour across 16 countries in Europe. Sounds intense? Well that’s exactly how it is.

Whether you travel intensely like myself or take your time a little more staying healthy and well is so important to getting the most out of the experience.

  • Drink LOTS of water

Without water we get dehydrated and when we are dehydrated our body is prone to all sorts of health risks from headaches to digestion issues, from heat stroke to energy/immunity deficiency. You will also be most likely drinking another substance that will dehydrate you even more – alcohol. We tend to indulge in rich foods of the culture, but we must aid digestion by drinking as much water as possible. Make sure to keep up your fluids everyday by bringing a refillable drink bottle with you at all times, perfect if you are on the go all the time!

  • Don’t forget your supplements

I usually take an array of dietary and required supplements; Iron tablets, Probiotics, Magnesium tablets and multi vitamins. However, I only packed my Iron tablets and, boy, have I felt the effects. My digestion has been completely thrown off track and I have been in pain for a few days. I purchased a Probiotic and I can already feel it helping. Do not let travel interrupt your medication routine! This will only hinder your immunity and disrupt your body’s regular functioning.

  • Snack – ALL THE TIME

Okay, I understand snacking can seem a bit of a random key feature but I am not suggesting you go pig out on crisps and kitkats from the hotel’s nearest local store. Stock up on dried fruits and nuts and, where possible, fresh fruit! Avoid high processed and carb-loaded service station food as they will only clog you up with travelling. If you don’t snack and have long periods of time between meals you will shock your metabolism and your digestive pattern. If you leave your body to get really hungry you will also more likely to buy the nearest carb-loaded meal you see.

  • Follow your dietary preferences

I am gluten intolerant and diary is my worst enemy. Yes, I am walking hazard. I informed my Topdeck leader straight away about my dietary preferences and he made sure all the food that was supplied had a gluten free option! Don’t feel afraid to ask! Now it was just the ordering out that was problem. Look for fresh meals stocked with vegies. If you aren’t a vego then meat dishes like steak and fish with grilled vegetables are a great option. Instead of buying street food go to the local mini marts (which are pretty common) and they have some cold meats and fresh fruit that is often a better option. ALSO BEWARE OF BAKERIES. You have been warned.

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