5 Minutes with Dani Baker: Heads Up Hire

With autumn racing season upon us, it is only necessary to hear from one of Perth’s fascinator queens herself. With a business dedicated to hiring out incredible headwear, Dani Baker has plenty of tips and tricks for pulling off the staple accessory of racing fashion.

Want to wear some of Dani’s signature pieces? Well lucky that they are all available to hire on thevolte.com.

Why did you create Heads Up Hire?

I created Heads Up Hire because I am an avid race goer and always buy a headpiece to wear with a specific outfit for a day at the races and I only wear them once. I want to be able to give other ladies the opportunity to be able to wear some great headpieces made by some amazing milliners. I also want to take the stress off people when they are planning their outfit for the races, knowing they can hire a piece and not have to spend a lot of money for something that they can only wear once. I also would love to see more people at the races wearing headpieces to follow the tradition of racing attire.

What range of headwear does Heads Up Hire feature?

We feature a range of designs by local and national milliners as well as some traditional pieces. We have a variety of crowns and fascinators in a variety of colours to suit any outfit.

What are some of the biggest trends in fascinators this year?

The crown is a big one as it is easy to wear but is also so glamourous. There is a lot of laser cut fascinators out there which make a statement as they are so unique but are still easy to wear! I am also really excited to see the turban style headpiece coming through this season and I can’t wait to make it available to our clients.

Tips for feeling comfortable in headwear?

OWN IT! Be confident wearing a headpiece – no different to being confident wearing an amazing dress. Also know that you won’t be the only one wearing a headpiece at the races. Headwear doesn’t need to be large or over the top it just needs to compliment your outfit. A headpiece should tie your outfit altogether (I like to think of it as the extra accessory) to finish off that perfect race day look.

Most headwear these days are very easy to wear (on headbands) which means you will be comfortable all day. It doesn’t need to be too big but something subtle will work. Most people still think that headwear has to be large and a big statement piece but gone are these days – its more about complimenting your outfit with a stunning headpiece that is on trend.

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