It’s a Material World

No one likes to be sweating

Summer is here, and with that comes long hot days and balmy nights. And also sweat stains and sticky skin.

Wearing a sweat inducing outfit is a sure-fire way to dampen the mood on a special day. So to make the most of your summer, and to help you avoid sweating the small stuff, here are our top tips to choosing fabrics to beat the heat!

What to look for?

Summer should be the time of breathable materials. A general rule (and there are exceptions to every rule) is to look for fabrics made from natural fibers, which tend to soak up moisture and allow the skin to breath.

Cotton is a perfect, versatile fabric for summer, and is an easily found and widely worn fabric. For all the sweaty girls out there, let cotton be your new best friend this summer and stock up on summery cotton dresses and basic tees that will keep you on trend all season.

Heavy denim is guaranteed to overheat you on a warm day, but if you can’t live without your denim fix consider introducing chambray into your wardrobe. A similar look to denim but made from cotton, chambray is highly breathable and thanks to its cotton feel makes a great summer dress or button up top.

With is signature, distinctive texture linen is a fabric that will keep you cool while adding interest to an outfit. The texture lends a warm, earthy look to any outfit, while keeping the wearer cool as a cucumber. Linen clothing will wrinkle easily, but that can be part of its charm – if you can embrace the look, linen will become your go to fabric this summer. A linen blend can also help to avoid wrinkling.

What to avoid?

While one of the most common fabric bases, polyester is not the sweaty girl’s friend. The manmade fiber is made for it’s durability and is therefore water resistant leaving perspiration with no escape route. Save your polyester pieces for cooler months.

Although a natural fabric that is light to the touch, silk can be a bad choice for a hot summer’s day. A sexy and luxurious fabric, silk is often a go-to for fun occasions. However, silk will seal any moisture against the skin, and not only will this make you feel even hotter but also encourages body odor. The fabric itself is also unforgiving and will show up sweat patches. While silk dresses can be a great summer look, save them for cooler or dryer evenings.

Rayon is often touted as the breathable man-made fiber, but it can be a little misleading. A lightweight and delicate fabric that lends itself well visually to summer dresses, rayon will not breath as well as a natural fiber such as cotton or linen. Like silk, save rayon clothing for dry heat.

It also pays to consider the colour of your clothing – while light whites and creams will not absorb the sunlight like darker colours keeping you cooler, darker colours are far more adept at hiding sweat stains.

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