A War on Fashion Waste

The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. In Australia, 6000kg of fashion and textile waste is going to landfill every 10 minutes. It takes an astonishing 2700L of water to produce one cotton t-shirt. That is a lot of waste. Not to mention the harmful pollution that goes with production. These are alarming figures. We are succumbing to impulse buys in the quest to keep up with the latest trends and the world is suffering because of it.

So how do we combat this? You can buy sustainable brands that are better for the environment. You can avoid fast fashion and only invest in high quality pieces of clothing (easier said than done when on a budget). You can buy pre-loved clothes (you can always find some gems if you know where to look. Also good if you like one off pieces that no one else will have). And lastly, go on a fashion detox.

What is a fashion detox you ask? Much like a detox of your body eliminating toxins or other bad things, a fashion detox is stopping shopping for a specific period of time. This includes anything fashion related including jewellery and accessories. The goals may vary (save money, establish that you can have a killer wardrobe without shopping constantly, learning to only buy high quality pieces that stand the test of time) but ultimately, it is the environment that wins.

How do you go about a fashion detox? Simply do not buy anything. We suggest trying it for a month and see how you go. You may be tempted to shop with lures of sales and new styles coming out but resist! Of course, no detox could be complete without the initial purge so go through your wardrobe. Look for things that were maybe impulse buys, or special occasion buys that you’ve only worn once or things that are not your style but on trend so you thought you’d buy it. One could look at these items as waste. Here at The Volte, we say no. You can list all these items to rent out to other users. This stops clothing waste going to landfill. What’s better than doing your bit for the environment and earning some money at the same time?

After the initial purge, one may still feel the need to shop and covet something new. How do we do this whilst on a fashion detox? The Volte solves your problem once again. You can hire the latest looks for a fraction of the retail price. Again, this stops clothing going to landfill by using items that may previously sit in someone’s wardrobe unused. By hiring something, you are ensuring the clothing is not going to waste. For the borrower, the positives are many. You can access the latest trends without succumbing to fast fashion and buying cheap disposable items, you can access luxury items you might not be able to afford and you can hire something without the guilt that it will sit in your wardrobe unused after wearing it once or twice.

Fashion detox is a smart move, not only for the environment but for the individual as well. Waste is minimized but without shopping, you can learn to style your existing wardrobe differently, refine your personal style and save some money in the process. So why not try it for a month? The Volte has you covered for all your fashion needs so you aren’t missing out. Renting is the future of fashion. Get in now and get on board the fashion detox bandwagon.

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