A Feather Touch Brow Experience.

This is something that I have been talking about doing for years, and this year I finally did it.

I got my eyebrows feathered!

I have always been self conscious about how little of brows that I have, even though realistically I probably have more than normal. It was so bad that I would fill them every time I would leave the house, even if I was having a no makeup day the brows would still be filled, groomed and gelled in place. Even for the gym at 6am in the morning! Red-faced, sweaty, greasy hair and perfect brows.

I have been thinking about getting it done for almost 2 years, and with plenty of recommendations and research from friends, clients and the internet I finally booked it in.

There are different types of semi permanent eyebrow tattooing, I decided to go with feathering or microblading as the tattoo artist cuts individual “hairs” into the skin to make the brows look fuller and to fill in any gaps. I believe this technique is the most natural but it depends on the final look you are after and how much hair you have to begin with.

The Process

A few days before the tattooing, I went in for a brow makeover which consists of the regular wax, shape and tint to create a clean canvas to work my tattoo into.

And then the day came of the tattoo.

When I arrived I was greeted by my tattoo artist, who happened to be the owner of the studio, and she cleaned and applied numbing cream to the area. This was left on for about half an hour in which I spent the time replying to messages and scrolling through social media.

The artist, after removing the cream, spent some time mapping out my brows to ensure that they were even and we worked together on the shape and colour of the tattoo that I prefered.

The tattoo is created by strokes that are made with a sterile blade into the skin, which is then filled in with the pigment. There is no scary needles or buzzing machines. And to my fathers disbelief, no they do not shave off your eyebrows! The actual tattooing takes about an hour and I promise it doesn’t hurt, but the noise is a little interesting, think of the sound running your nails through a comb makes.


The Aftercare

The recovery time is about 7 days where the tattoo needs bepanthen cream applied regularly and the area cannot get wet. This includes no sweating, and washing hair is a bit of a mission.

The brows will be the darkest during this week but once the tattoo heals it will fade to its semi-permanent colour. The brows go a little bit itchy and will scab a little just like a normal tattoo around day 3 which is probably the hardest part of the entire process to leave alone.

There is a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment to adjust the tattoo if needed as everyone’s skin takes pigment differently. It allows enough time for the area to heal and to notice any parts of the brow that might need to be fixed or enhanced.


Everything from the brow makeover, tattoo and touch up appointment was included in my price, but remember it is an investment so they can range anywhere from $200-$1000 AUD for the procedure depending on where you go and their experience.

The feather tattoo is only semi permanent so they will last up to 2 years depending on your skin type and how it holds the pigment in the skin. A touch up appointment may be needed 18 months after to keep it looking fresh.

It has become so much more popular to get cosmetic tattooing, it feels like everyone has got their eyebrows done and there are so many more places to get the procedure done. If you have been thinking about getting your eyebrows tattooed then I would highly recommended, but do not take this blog as you need to get your brows tattooed, and if you do make sure you do your research before booking in. I am now a lot more confident since having the service done and it is really convenient in my morning routine, but it is not essential to everyone.

The Volte Squad x

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