Lazy girl tips to making extra cash

As you watch your barista froth the beginnings of your morning cappuccino do you ever wonder what you could do to earn a living instead of heading to your nine-to-five job today?

Thank-you 21st Century – you have allowed us regular folk to earn cash from home without having to barely lift a finger.

What does looking fabulous in your favourite designer’s dress have to do with this? Read on and discover why the World Wide Web and the “sharing economy” are creating unexpected entrepreneurs.

1. Sell your unwanted stuff

Go for a spring clean around the house and chances are you’ll find quite a few things that are in good condition that you no longer have use for – electronics, furniture, books, collectables and fashion! As you wade through your belongings decide whether you still have a need item and create of pile of unwanted goods.

Websites like and are great for portable items that are easy to post internationally. However, websites like connect you to local shoppers in your area. Facebook has now even opened up their “Marketplace” tab for buyers and sellers to easily post ads.

2. Sell your time or service

If you consider yourself a bit of an oracle in a field or hobby you could use this to your advantage! Tutoring is a well-paying, flexible and legitimate way to earn some dollars if you can prove you know what you are talking about. Turn that talk into words and become a freelance writer – you just have to know where to look for publications – or even write a romance novel! If you’re a creative person you can make some money off your creations such as birthday cards or handmade invitations.

If you lack some creative flare but have spare time on your hands jump onto online survey websites (make sure they are legitimate as there are some scam websites floating around). Most of these pay you via Paypal or in the form of vouchers.

3. Or RENT out stuff you already own

So you’ve looked through your cupboard, wardrobe and storage (“chuck-it-in”) room and found nothing you can bring yourself to part ways with but you have a bunch of stuff that you never use? Or possibly your “storage” room could be utilized in more effective ways?  Maybe you could even turn your kids’ car-pooling into a business venture?

It is this form of thinking that paved the way for what is now called “The Sharing Economy,” the latest up and coming trend in the business world today.

I am sure you would have used or at least heard of Uber? Well, your Uber driver probably doesn’t consider himself or herself a taxi driver nor would Uber be their sole income. Many Uber drivers are regular working class crew looking to earn extra cash with not much work – all you need is a decent car!

How about that storage room of yours? Spare bed? Thought about popping it up on Airbnb – the first sharing ecomony website of its kind that lists rooms for stay for tourists or people on working holidays looking for affordable accommodation. Wasted space = solved!

Limited on time? This is your perfect opportunity to list that designer dress you NEVER wear onto The Volte! A sharing marketplace for all couture lovers on a budget, The Volte is the perfect opportunity to get use out of your wardrobe and make money with just the click of a button!

Join the sharing ecomony community and be ahead of the game. Register for The Volte today.

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