Ep 2 – Who are these people?

How approps that we all watched mean girls last night as tonight is all about the mean girls club. Its obvious who they are… FYI:



Vanessa Sunshine herself.


And none of them wore pink on Wednesday.

Apparently Cayla with a C shouldn’t have made the cut because other girls deserved it more according to Cat. It is unclear what they did to ‘deserve’ it? I am as anti salt rock lamp/energy healer as the next sheila but WTF.


Shannon gets a date – Cat says Nick is “Too smart to pick someone thats not right for him”… ok babe he has met you all for 35 seconds whilst drunk.


The Bach says he likes that Shaz is a painter and a skater…because the producer told him and it was in the promo. For some reason Shannon wears a weird hat. It is quickly abandoned and handed off to the camera man.

So the big Q – has the budget been upped. And YES IT HAS. Helicopter making an early appearance. YAS. This is good signs. Or they are blowing the budget early and later dates will be sex couch based. Careful Oshie – don’t blow it too early!

Osh in Ep 2…

Shannon is a bit freaked about heights. She holds her shit together – barely – looks a bit like she will vomit.

The mean girls club are back chatting about Shannon. Apparently she doesn’t kiss on the first date – SHOCK. Strategic error apparently as you must be OPEN for love at ALL TIMES.

Now Shaz and Nicko are winching out of a helicopter because obvs she is scared of heights and you must test your love against your fear. #riskdeathforlove


Magically her dress is dry in 35 seconds and a random picnic setting. Honey Badger cooks salmon over an open barbie – except Shaz doesn’t like salmon. AWKWARD. Nearly vomits in her mouth – vomit seems to be a theme of this date. So romantic. They swim/chat boring – gets a rose. Cool bro.


Weird photoshoot date because #womansday. Cass says she knows him the best. No shit sherlock. No one else had met him. Romy thinks Cass has a huge crush on Nick.

Apparently this is bad on a show about falling in love… with Nick.


Now its on to Vanessa Sunshine and Brooke as firefighters. Vanessa is most concerned about how she looks in the photo… while Brooke and Nick continue their journey of love next to her.

As I said last night Nick and Brooke. Lock it up and lets all go home.


Ad break – now back for Tresemme promo oops hang on this is the ep apparently. Cayla energy healer gets the ugly outfit for the naughty school girl shoot. Seriously it was naughty school girl themed…  I didn’t realise we were in an F grade porno.


Mean girls Cat and Alisha are the sexy schoolgirls while poor Calya is the teacher. Apparently they aren’t threatened by her… which is understandable as they are cock blocking her. It is all very awkward. VERY AWKWARD.


Now for the Cocktail Party… HANG ON. Holy vegemite its ANOTHER single date. Wow Channel 10 must need the content. Nicko ruffles feathers in the hen house and disposes with Osher. Osh its ok. It is going to be ok.

Romy and the Badge are off for lunch. Turns out Romy def is part of the mean girls crowd… don’t these girls know that what they say on camera will be ON NATIONAL TV.


Ah now I understand – this is a promo for Bachie Nick’s uncles pizza place. Now the venue for insta fame obviously. They make pizza – this date is boring. Romy – mean girl and not a contender. Where is Brooke already? Romy goes in hard for the kiss and turns out that Nick doesn’t kiss on the first date either #rejected.


Not that this will stop Romy telling everyone she got the first kiss. Ok Mate. Sure thing.


Now its time for drunk times. Excellent. Romy spends most of her time lying about her non-kiss. Such a lovely girl. Apparently it was an organic kiss. Whatever that is. Shaz is now crying. Mean girls aren’t here to find friends apparently.


Romy decides to cause shit – interrupts one on one time… Um you already have a rose bro. Poor form babe. You are a no go. She them semi date rapes the Bach at the cocktail party. All very weird and awkward.


Rose ceremony. Two randoms head home. No idea who they are or what their names were…. are the producers inserting random extras in?


Till next week bitches.


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