Bachelor In Paradise Ep 16 – The Finale

This is it! We have made it to the end of Bachelor In Paradise Australia season one, and the end of our recap series (until the next season of course). With the result of the episode all over social media I am sure you have already seen the outcome, it is one of the worst things about living on the west coast and being 3 hours behind airtime. But I could not resist writing the last recap of the series.

Anyways, there is so much anticipation for this episode to find out which couples will last through paradise, and most importantly find out the biggest teaser of the series, who gets engaged?


Being the finale there is so much recap of the individuals and their journey’s through paradise, but Bachie, we have already got your viewers covered with our recaps. If only there was that ‘skip recap’ button like Netflix to get to to the good stuff.

Sam is saying his goodbyes to Tara including “don’t freak out when you are on your own” and all this stuff about being apart before the commitment ceremony. So when is the ceremony? Is it like in the afternoon or when they are back in Australia? I am so confused right now.

Grant and Ali’s date would be so much cuter if the pool was a bit cleaner. I may not be an expert but pools are not meant to be green! There is a 20% that they are going to turn into ogres and become a real life Fiona and Shrek moment. Okay I am lying but there is no way I would be getting in that pool!


Megan has woke up with a clear mind yet again, and Jake doesn’t want to fight for a relationship if she isn’t committed. Haven’t we been through this like 5 episodes ago with these two? She hasn’t had enough time to make a commitment to him and doesn’t want to go through with the commitment ceremony. She is calling the shots and it is crushing him, as they say goodbye to each other and hold back the tears.


Undestructable. You mean indestructible? Keira and Jarrod’s relationship is now stronger than ever, yet there is hesitation from the both of them with the possibility of getting their hearts broken. It is a risk you have to take to get the good stuff I guess. Not that I would know but that’s what every chick flick and rom-com movie has taught me.

Who would have thought that these two would have got together in the end though, it was such a rollercoaster. If they can last through all of that, then I think they have found something special.

There are 3 words Jarrod hasn’t told Keira yet that he wants to say tonight in the perfect moment. Keira got a fresh fake tan for the occasion to go with the white and green dress, looking like a bronzed goddess for her ceremony. He says one sentence and Keira starts to ugly emotional cry, the mascara is going everywhere. Honestly makeup team, why no waterproof?! Being serious in these moments is so difficult, and then she pulls his commitment ring from her boobs. Classic! The struggles girls have with no pockets or handbags.


Grant wants to only get married once, and knows that Ali is the one. She feels like it’s her wedding day as she has butterflies in her stomach. These two seem perfect for each other and are both so nervous and excited for the future.

All that Ali wanted going into this series is a loving husband, 2 kids, a wonderful household and a perfect life, it looks like she might get it all with Grant. They have so much love for each other that we hope it lasts. Gah she is disappointed that it is not an engagement ring, but the gentleman is coming out of Grant where he wants to meet her entire life before committing for eternity.

Saying all of this, turns out that they didn’t work out in the long run, and that breaks my heart. I am super excited to hear that she is the next Australian Bachelorette, but we all know it is just going to be an entire season of boys gawking all over her just like she experienced earlier in paradise.


They spent one night apart and Sam already misses Tara. Although this time apart has made it clear that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, so he is going to PROPOSE! They love each other just the way they are, and they are so nervous. He got down on his knee and they both start crying. Gahhhhh I am so happy for them! Tears everywhere, shaking hands, now a wedding to plan and a happily ever after.


What a beautiful way to end the first Australian Bachie In Paradise. Looks like we will have to get ourselves another favourite tv show until the Bachelorette comes out. Any recommendations?

Until our next blog,


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