Bachelor In Paradise Ep 15 – Couple Recap

Guys, this is the last week of paradise. Life is going to be so boring next week, but lets not think about it just yet and enjoy the last 2 episodes of Bachie in paradise.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.38.03 pm

Keira and Jarrod, we cannot believe they have made it this far. So many ups and downs between those two but they always knew the spa-ark was always there to bring them back together. Jarrod doesn’t want to get hurt again (on tv) and hopes they have the same thoughts on how their relationship will be after being on paradise.

No more kissing Jarrod, Keira is worried about her pash rash. Her lips don’t need to be any bigger, or need any more makeup.

Everything is so fairytale right now between them. Jarrod makes her feel so special, isn’t that all you want in a relationship. But their nerves and fear of rejection are starting to poke through the surface.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.38.21 pm

Ali and Grant, I completely forgot they were still here since there was no drama between them for us to watch that they barely made an appearance in recent episodes. Ali cannot stop smiling, they are just both so happy it is infectious.

Looking back, Ali has been on a roller coaster throughout the season until Grant arrived, and everything seemed perfect after that. Now they are planning their future for him to move to Australia, Ali to move to LA or to do the long distance thing. The logistics of how everything is going to work is a big hurdle in their currently perfect relationship.

Grant wants to propose but looking back on his last proposal that he made in paradise, he doesn’t want this one to end the same way. This is their last night together in paradise so this is it. Will he propose? Will they commit and be a perfect couple outside of paradise?

So much pressure, her job and her friends are keeping her in Adelaide and she doesn’t want to feel alone if she moves to LA for him. He doesn’t want to see any doubt in her eyes, and she really doesn’t have any doubt since she knows she wants to be with Grant forever.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.39.59 pm

Sam and Tara started as a friendship, turned into backups when they both got ditched and now perfect peas in a pod. Sammy tries his best to cook on their date and she encourages him the entire way, at least there is a chef to save their horrible knife skills.

Now it’s time to chat before their commitment ceremony, what a daunting time to end paradise. Sam opens up that he is worried about commitment after the ‘honeymoon period’ of their relationship. He wants to change his life for her and change his ways to make them work forever. They are so loved up and perfect together. If they don’t end up together I am going to have some serious commitment issues!

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.38.36 pm

Jake and Megan, she is still unsure as to how committed he is and how long their relationship will last outside of paradise. Megan needs some clarity while enjoying her date with Jake. Their chemistry is undeniable, but Megan isn’t convinced that Jake has a deeper level of connection further than being fun and flirty.

They started as a blind date, where she chose him off a personality menu. Their relationship has been tested by the endless amount of drama caused with Flo, and Thomas, and the return of Flo again. Will it last outside of paradise in the real world?

Jake has committed that he will be with Megan, even though he is known to party and live a single, player life. She is not convinced since she isn’t in love with him, but there is nothing more that Jake can say, and all that she needs now is time to figure out her head.

Which couples do you think will survive beyond paradise, and more importantly who will propose tomorrow night?

Sleep tight Bachie lovers, only one episode to go!



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