Bachelor In Paradise Ep 14 – Fight For The Last Rose.

1 single guy –  2 single women. Flo and Elora and American Jared. Everyone else is simply loved up.

Simone and Apollo are at a different stage of their relationship than the rest of the couples, being not so settled and loved up just yet. There are some things that they don’t have in common, and Elora can see the cracks in their relationship as she wants to make a move.

Rachael is waiting for Thomas to take charge and commit when he says he wants to do something. This is making her look a bit desperate but they have only been on one date. There is so much pressure riding on this single date to see if they are ready for a long term relationship.


Rose ceremony tonight! And now the boys have the power since there are more guys than gals. Looks like Flo is now in trouble having just returned to paradise with no potential rose to be given. And this urgency has sent Elora on a mission for Apollo in her hopes for a rose.

Elora has a plan to steal Apollo away from Simone with fire sticks, and he is buzzing!

They get all fire dressed up and oiled up to show the moves, and they are just twirling some fire. Yet Simone is losing it. Apollo is an entertainer so he is loving the attention and showing off so much that he spins so hard his fire goes out. Post show chats between performers Elora and Apollo discuss how Simone didn’t watch them on the beach, giving Elora the chance to see how cracked their relationship is.


Back from their show and Apollo finds out that Simone was crying. She thought the whole thing was organised for Elora and him to connect and he saw it as a way to entertain everyone in this secluded paradise. Simone’s jealous characteristic is really coming out now and it may send Apollo walking. Simone wants to be like the other girls in paradise in a secure relationship, but her and Apollo just aren’t there yet.

Elora is taking another route to staying in paradise by chatting up American Jared to be able to get a rose and in turn get more time Apollo. It is a bit obvious that Elora doesn’t like Jared, he hasn’t had any emotional connection with anyone in paradise yet, and all of these single ladies are now chasing him and his rose, being the only one up for grabs for them. But I hope their reasons are worth it since there are no more new people coming into paradise.


In the rose ceremony, American Jared’s rose represents his future for potential relationships after paradise so he doesn’t hand out his rose and decides to leave paradise. Or has his visa ran out? Either way we thank him for his honesty and hope he finds love soon.

Apollo looks exactly like me right now – undecided, stressed and almost having a break down.


I think the camera man has had a few too many bevvies, Wais should have cut them off ages ago and now we watch an emotional setting all drunk and wobbly. I think I am getting motion sickness from watching Simone and Apollo in deep conversation.

There isn’t a lot of time in paradise to develop a relationship like normal, and there is so much pressure to become a perfect couple so quickly with all the cameras around. In the end, Simone and Apollo have decided to leave paradise to become a couple in their own time.

Rachael needs more time to decide about Thomas, which sends them both packing to leave the true couples to decide their fate. As told by Osher, if they don’t see a future with each other they will have to leave paradise.

Only one week of Bachie left, don’t be too sad this week!


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