Bachelor In Paradise Ep 13 – Unfinished Business

We are back for another week of our favourite loved up paradise, well until Love Island begins and we can transfer our obsession into the next reality tv show.

First up on the agenda, Jarrod and Keira are officially each others boyfie and girlfie, if they are even legit terms to describe their relationship. They have become the parents of paradise, being the ‘old couple’ figures to guide everyone in their pursuit for love.

After last weeks ceremony, American Jared is having to clear the situation with Leah after he gave her a rose, that she didn’t know was a last resort. She thought that the rose meant something romantic but his first choice was already taken so he gave a pity rose. Leah is running out of options for love and hopes that new guys come in to paradise soon, or that she will leave. She has been all talk for days now and everyone is over it. I am so glad Keira is telling her how annoying she is being, no one likes a whinger!


We know that paradise is really secluded, which is unfortunate for Rachael who has to listen the American Jared talk a lot and not even about anything interesting. Bet she can’t wait to get back out into the real world where there are more people to talk to and more exciting topics of conversation.

We are so confused as to why Thomas told Jared ‘you snooze you lose’ after he gave his rose to Rachael first. Doesn’t that depend on the order of the rose ceremony, and we are guessing by the producers to stir the pot and create more drama? That was all strategy if you ask us.


Just to add to the drama of this love triangle, Thomas scored a date card with no surprise of Rachael accepting to go, as a chance to get to know each other better.

We didn’t know that you could make golf romantic but they have attempted to with LOVE golf. Classic golf date where the guy tries to show off and the girl is trying to be competitive. She definitely missed that last shot so many times but with the magic of tv, shock she easily got the ball in the hole. Rachael wants a relationship, yet the guys that she is connecting with, Jared and Thomas, live on an entirely different continent. That will be a BIG commitment if it works out, but for the meantime, they are connecting with their lips.


Flo is back with unfinished business, and she straight up ignores Jake. Is it unfinished business with Jake or the fact that she didn’t meet anyone new when she was in paradise because she was so caught up in drama, and this is her second chance to find love. Flo’s fake laugh is not fooling anyone when she hears about how serious Jake and Megan’s relationship has become, is that jealousy or evil master creating a plan? Flo talks about him all the time, but never to him, this staying out of drama phase is not going to last for long.

Coming back from their golf date and Rachael has switched her views and doesn’t like Jared as much anymore. Things do move quickly in paradise if it only takes one date to change feelings.

Elora thinks that she is just friends with Eden yet he is practically in love with her… This is not going to end well at all. Even the producers are telling her that Eden thinks they have a thing. You cannot ask a guy to apply sunscreen to your back on a love island and it not mean anything. She made it clear that she is not romantically involved with him in a side chat and he has decided to leave paradise, there is just nothing left for him. Elora has to make the announcement to everyone that Eden has decided to leave without a goodbye and she ends up talking about herself, how self absorbed.


Another date card! Tara and Sam get to go on an official date. Gah I cannot be happier for these two, I just love ’em! Their date involves learning how to Bollywood dance but that isn’t the most important part. Does Sammy write poems? Because the way he talks about Tara is honestly movie worthy, or the production team have been planning this for weeks. They don’t see an end for their relationship and in a big build up, they say the L word to each other.


Jake is worried that Flo is going to bring up drama and he wants to sort it out before it blows up in typical Flo fashion. He is the bigger man asking for a chat, and there wasn’t even any drama from the chat, boring!

Osher announces that there will be no more new people coming into paradise and shiz hits the fan. We are reaching the end of the season and the end of the singles drama and heading more into couples chaos… If there is any?

After this news, Leah walks out of paradise in her final rose ceremony dress, no waste of an outfit, or possibly a sponsorship! Leah thinks there are a lot of frogs in paradise but don’t worry babe you will find your prince.

So many walk outs this episode, will there be anyone left next week?


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