Bachelor In Paradise Ep 12 – Drama Qween!

Today’s episode begins really deep and emotional so I hope you are ready for it!

So Megan and Thomas are back from their date and Jake is now confused in his feelings, obviously he isn’t used to caring this much about a girl and getting hurt, being Jake Ellis with the ladies man reputation. In a one on one chat between them they are both crying, and she hasn’t even told him that her and Thomas kissed. He is going to be shattered, and she is waiting until the next day to tell him, is that really a good idea? Jake is asking the serious questions like is there anything worth fighting for, and thankfully there is because they are so cute and we are really liking them together.

Megan has been doubting their connection for a few days but she cares about him so much and hates the fact that she has hurt him. At least she slept on everything and woke up with clarity.


Thomas is so into Megan after their date last night and he now thinks that him and Megan are stronger than her and Jake. Thomas thinks they (Jake and Megan) are lacking deep conversation, for the fact they have been kind of together for a while now. We are trying to understand the concept of time in paradise since it seems that 2 weeks worth of drama happens in a day in paradise, everything moves so quickly it is hard to keep up.

Jake knows that he wants Megan, after sleeping on everything too, yet that was before she dropped the bomb that she kissed Thomas. He looks absolutely broken. But Megan is now certain that she wants to be with Jake and she doesn’t want to pursue anything with Thomas. How one kiss with another guy makes everything so sure is beyond us.

Thomas wants to give Megan his rose, obvs he hasn’t heard the mornings update. Thankfully Megan in her basically naked bikini has a chat with Thomas to clear everything up and he is confused, he thought he had it in the bag yet Megan wants more  laughter and fun in a relationship, even if that means missing out on the deep connection for now.


Away from the love triangle, Leah wants to leave paradise since she is always third wheeling and is on the outside of the couples. She is sharing that much negative energy it is messing up our balance.

Grant is acting weird today and Ali is concerned. Do not fear, they look super duper loved up. Gahhhh he took her on a romantic walk to say the L word. They have known each other for what 2 weeks but they would die for each other. That is one strong relationship! Will they be the proposal all the ads are talking about?


Date card goes to Rachael and she takes American Jared. Leah is upset that she has half a connection with him and he is off on the date but Leah is just sad that her backup is looking at someone else to pursue a relationship with.

They have to walk slowly into today’s date and be part of a traditional Fijian ceremony. It looks like they are drinking the dirtiest muddiest water straight from the pipes of nasty. Swallow quickly babe, that is the only way to drink that deadly looking liquid.

Jared hasn’t formed a romantic connection yet in paradise and liked that Rachael showed an interest in him, so much so that they want to hang out more. Will they become the next addition into the cute couples?

Leah is chatting to all the producers and chucking a tantrum. She is mad. She cannot find someone to be with and build a real relationship with. Leah is fake and playing the game, according to Keira. She is going back and forth but she doesn’t want to leave paradise, because who would, so she is now staying. No one cares about your drama, pack you bags and get outta here.


Rachael and Jared come back and Leah has her head down, avoiding the awkward stare and details of their date.

Osher’s announced a rose ceremony, and the boys have the power tonight.

Leah has taken Jared aside and is sharing her feelings and being jealous. Leah is saying exactly what everyone wants to hear, everyone except Rachael. She is stirring the pot being jealous of everyones relationships saying that Leah is getting a rose from Jared, making him look like a dickhead. And she is totally denying it when confronted. What a head spin. Leah will only stay if Jared gives her a rose, anyone else and she walks. After all the drama today, I hope she leaves as we hate people who whinge and she needs a good slap in the face to come to her senses.

Keeping it real simple, here are the rose ceremony results:

Apollo and Simone.

Sam and Tara.

Grant and Ali.

Jarrod and Keira.

Thomas and Rachael. And she accepts his rose?

Jake and Megan.

Eden and Elora.

Jared and Leah. Are you kidding me. And just to add to the pain. her hair extension is hanging out. Not liking her at all. She got a pity rose and I hope she knows it.

We say goodbye to Sasha tonight but honestly we didn’t see too much of her in the one day she was in paradise.

Until tomorrows episode,


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