Bachelor In Paradise Ep 10 – What A Shocker!

Let me tell you that the drama does not stop in paradise, it is beginning to make my head spin. No wonder everyone is asking me questions about people (having watched every episode so far) and even I get confused trying to describe all the love triangles and other shapes that have happened.

Welcome Canadian Thomas to paradise, or apparently “Hercules” since he gets back up when knocked down *insert Fired Up reference*. To be honest he is just going to be known as ponytail boy, not the best superhero name but correctly descriptive. Saying that, apparently that is what Megan likes and their private chat is making Jake worried since the conversations are flowing a lot better.

After giving his rose to Lisa, Michael needs answers. He wants fireworks and will fight for it, he doesn’t want to play it safe. The rose ceremony put Lisa in an awkward position and nothing has been resolved in the day or 2 since then. Michael respects Lisa and Luke but her rejecting him really sucks to watch. Bless your heart Michael, we have loved you on the show ❤


Lisa and Luke can legit see a future with each other but they haven’t had “the talk” about how official they are which is making boundaries a little unclear and are considering leaving to see how it will work outside of peachy paradise. Luke is unsure as he is here to find something special, what does he mean hasn’t he found someone special with Lisa? And then like 10 minutes later he admits that he doesn’t see himself with anyone else, but why the hesitation Luke?! Why would you leave paradise? It is beautiful there, but I hope you relationship works in the outside world. So many goodbyes so early in the episode, no wonder we have commitment issues.

Elora got a date card with no surprises she is taking Apollo. He is playing with fire going on dates with almost rival friends. Are they having brunch? She thinks it is going swell but he is thinking about Simone. Simone is going cray cray, looks like her and Elora won’t be friends for long. Apollo doesn’t like drama, um excuse you mate does he know what he has caused? He has gone straight for Simone after the date. Playing with fire this boy is, and it will blow up in his face just watch.


Thomas finally chose Megan to go on his date with , and she rejected him for Jake. Strike 2 when Leah rejects him. #3 after Simone said no. Surely that has to be a big blow to the ego. This is what happens this far into a dating show where everyone is pretty much loved up that not even a cute Canadian can rustle it up. Sitting on the park bench all deep alone but never fear, Jarrod is there to lift his mood. The boys to the rescue to go on a bro-date instead, and things got weird. A milk bath, the size for 2 normal people to lay in, had 4 grown men in scrubbing each other down. But there seemed to be some striking connections between their bromances to make it even cuter to watch.


Elora has received a secret note which has won her heart over to American Jarrod. But he has no idea about it, it was a prank? Surely it was Simone to get Apollo all the herself, but are we in primary school, receiving a love letter? This is a joke that has gone too far and is playing with Elora’s head. What the actual! It was Eden that wrote the letter. That guy is a dawg. Thank gosh for bestie Megan to tell Elora the truth and I hope she goes absolutely ape shiz crazy at him. That guy’s humour is actually messed up and that was not cool, I hope he has his bags packed.

The rose ceremonies are becoming very typical at the moment with so many couples still left in paradise. No crazy shake up this week, more just normal decisions:

Simone and Apollo

Leah and Jared

Megan and Jake

Elora gave Eden another chance to find love, and gave him her rose. A sad exit from new boy Thomas going home after being in paradise for like a day. He was so much better than Eden, not like we saw a lot of him anyways. So upset, excuse me while I stay up all night pondering about tonights episode.

Until tomorrow Bachie followers,


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